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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - SPOILERS!


Starts back tonight.

Marvel TV Thread

Looking forward to it but won’t be able to see it till tomorrow.


Well, good news, it’s got even more ambitious! They’re really trying to be as big as they can be.

Bad news is that they still need a bit (lot) more money and better writers. The dialogue is pretty lame at times.

Some of this is a bit too familiar as well. Do we need to do the secret group/experimentation conspiracy again?

Oh yeah, and the Inhuman-triggering chemical is now definitely safe for humans because of reasons.


I’m hoping this was more of a transitional episode and that we’ll get the more “Secret Warriors” team going up soon. I mean, I understand if they feel a need to ease into it (although they could’ve just jumped in, tbh), but I’m not sure I’m up for more secret gvmt agencies duking it out amongst each other AGAIN.

Still, lots of good in this episode. I love Quake. She’s just sooo much more interesting and visually captivating than plain old hacktivist Skye. I like that she’s partnering up with Mack as well, 'cause he’s cool too. Coulson & Hunter were great as usual but I really hope they won’t side-line Bobby in a lab for long… that’s kind of a huge waste.

Don’t really care for Fitz’s search for Simmons and I’m glad Mae is out… I’ll be glad to see her back in a supporting role, but I’m really expecting a team BAD-ASS! consisting of fully costumed Quake, Bobby, Mack, Hunter, Lincoln, Coulson & Deathlok. It’s time for a proper team, don’t go back to the faceless agents of SHIELD.

Oh, not so hot on them relying AGAIN on a plane, but hey, I understand the why of it and at least they made the effort to design a bad-ass hi-tech jet, and not a damn deluxe jumbo boeing or whatever that attrocity in S1 was… Plus they still have the HQ, so it’s cool…

Most of all I really hope they got a bit more money to spend on some nice costumes this season. Deathlok could use a better one. I’m not expecting a FX-driven bonanza here, but hey, some cool action would be nice once in a while (like in this episode, it was pretty well done overall).

Now could someone turn Ward into the Task Master already??? Pretty please? u_u


M’sAoS 301 - The status is never quo. More machinations, a new government problem, a new Inhuman or four, One-Armed Coulson, Gemma is still eaten by The Monolith (okay, who remembers the Living Monolith?), we find out how far the Terragin has spread, and the new main ship is a quinjet, which looks much better. They spent a lot of money on effects this episode.

To be continued next wee after the cliffhanger ending!


It’s always been safe for humans. Impurities in the crystals were why it killed Gonzales and Tripp.

I really enjoyed the episode. It did a lot in 40 minutes but didn’t feel too packed, Iain DeCasticker was especially great, his meltdown in front of the monolith was brilliant. Given the limitations of TV, I think they did a good job with the more ambitious effects like the car Skye sent flying and Lash’s makeup


I maintain Fitz is by far the best sctor in the show. I liked the episode, although the inhuman fight was a bit daft.


There’s one guy in the comments of the AV Club’s reviews who rates the episode based on how much Fitz it has and how important he is to the plot. I think he’ll be happy this week


I hope we get to see Mac’s shotgun/axe combo before the end of the season.


Wow that second episode was… mmm… I dunno… not what I was expecting, I guess? :smile:

It felt a bit too much like previous seasons, and not in the good way. Surprised at how they resolved the Fitz/Simmons situation, it’s like they didn’t give a crap about that plot anymore =P

I did, surprisingly, enjoy Ward’s scenes A LOT… That fight on the boat was super brutal and well choreogaphed and shot. Nice surprise, it almost looked like out of the DD show… And the intorduction of that character at the end… didn’t see that one coming, but color me intrigued… the dude looks sooo creepy, in a good way, and he has a lot of potential. Plus I’m glad to see that his dad’s fate wasn’t a complete waste… at least someone’s doing something with that mess… u_u


What’s with Coulson’s casual clothes lately. Put your suit back on!


Dude lost part of an arm. He’s allowed to go casual now.


His grumpycat mug forgives all other sartorial choices


In terms of the episode, I really enjoyed it. One thing I liked last year was that it resolved dangling plot threads quickly, using the resolution to move to the next one, and they did that very well with May and Hunter, and with Simmons here. The shot of her waking up in a panic and then resting her head on Fitz was fantastic, and it contrasted really well against Fitz’ impotent rage against the monolith last week. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the other planet either, be it flashbacks or an inevitable return journey.

Agent Educatiing Violence’s plot continues on a good course too. Brett Dalton does good violence, and as Bruised Egotrip he does that self-important delusion thing very well, and he’s building HYDRA into a Project Mayhem style cult of personality.

Finally, the show’s sense of humour has developed really well. “To the Plane! Can I say that?” and “He did it” had me laughing out loud, and I was grinning at Hunter’s reaction to the phone call. I do hope that ehatever happens with Most Wanted, Hunter and Mockingbird need to stick around AoS.

Finally, maybe it was just the golf, but I got Leo Wong vibes from May’s dad.


Powers Boothe Joins “Agents of SHIELD” as Gideon Malick

Would make sense if it’s the same character he played in The Avengers.


I enjoyed most of this week’s episode. Everything at the base, and Lance and May were all great, but the stuff with Lincoln was highly variable. The idea of him being a recovering alcoholic was interesting, but I really could do without him and Daisy falling in wuv, for example.

The highlight of every episode so far this year has been Fitz and Simmons. Their plotline has been phenomenal, and Simmons’ anxiety attacks this week were very well done.

Oh, and Hunter and his mate having subtitles was hilarious.


Loeb & Gregg Like Keeping Coulson and “Agents of SHIELD” in the Shadows


That was a pretty dark episode this week. Not sure that I believe Andrew is dead .
Nice to see Cavalry May back in action, the continued pairing of Daisy/Sky with Mack, and the Fitz and Simmons scenes. As Lorcan and others have noted, those two have been the standouts this year. Looking forward to next week, spending the whole episode with Simmons on the alien planet.


I’ve seen one theory that Andrew is Lash, which would make some sense.


I dunno… I was expecting the show to be more into Secret Warriors mode by now, but it looks like they’ll be spending more time with boring stuff like chasing after some random Hydra splinter again… le sigh… At least if they could make Hydra more interesting (see Secret Warriors), but no… it’s just some mercenary dudes.

I’m starting to get a feeling that they will rather tease the Secret Warriors group and keep it for a possible spin-off at this point… =/