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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (spoilers)


A thread for the discussion of the Agents of SHIELD television series.

Marvel really is laying out the foundations of the Inhumans with AoS in anticipation of the movie. A good info dump in last night’s episode.


Yep, I am really enjoying the Inhumans storyline so far. Gordon, the blind Inhuman, was pretty cool with his “Nightcrawler” like powers.

Also I must say that Melinda May Ming is awesome too. What a woman.


Not bad for a 51 year old woman!

I am impressed that they are not holding back on the Inhuman information. While there is still a lot more info out there, they could have teased and hinted for years but I think that would have soured many people on the show.


Are Bobbi and Hunter in cahoots with Fury? That’s one nasty deep game going on there, with Hunter getting the dirty end of the stick.

Has no one noticed Simmons acting just about as whacky as hell? Fitz is doing okay, but there’s more than one squirrel in Simmons’ cage.

It looks like all hell breaks loose - next episode.


Don’t think it is Fury… he wouldn’t have much trouble just popping there and demanding anything he wants.

So I guess Blind Teleporter Inhuman has a a way of shielding the signals from the Diviners from the Kree.

It took some time until I realized that the Kree was Pete from Warehouse 13.


New poster, from Shalvey and Bellaire:


Bit worried about Bobbi and Mack’s secret mission. I’m hoping they’re not HYDRA.


I wonder if they’re worki for Talbot?


Bobbi did say “We’re not Hydra” in a seemingly truthful way. All of a sudden a bunch of Diviners all over the place, what with their own custom foam Anvil case! Empty Anvil case. Who was in charge of putting these away? Could it be Simmons, just before she “went undercover” at Hydra? Did Tripp really die, or was he turned into something unseen? How dangerous is Rayna? When will Cal go full-on Hyde?

I liked Sif’s appearance. Apparently she’s the go-to Asgardian for problems on Midgard!



I loved the Wacky RV of Evil.


Anyone happen to google the names of the villains? Curious if they have comic counterparts, aside from Angar, and the woman (who I know was a very minor character in Dsredevil but without claws or any other enhancement).


From what I checked, they are new.


Who wants to see Hyde versus Hulk?

Raise your hands!

Simmons is getting to be a whackier head-case by the minute. Another SHIELD? Logical, almost unavoidable. Same question; good guys or bad guys? Underwood was good, nice to see a shrink portrayed with a normal level of skill. I liked the C-team members, and taking the team to Wisconsin.

Rented The Avengers again (really need to buy some movies, like most recent Marvel). One scene jumped out at me. There was a shot of the helicarrier from beneath, in the dark, showing off the lower launch bays. It looked exactly like the Enterprise in Abrams’ Star Trek! Tres cool. Also saw several uses of the Widow’s Bite that I guess I missed due to brain. Still love love love that tiny little moan Hiddleston makes after being schooled by the Hulk. (Yeah, he made that noise - repeatedly. Saw a making of clip where they were recording it with a boom mike. Little details like that show what a good actor adds!)


Count me in. That would be terrific actually. I wasn’t expecting to, but found that I really like Kyle McLachlan in that role. He just seems continually anxious and uneasy in his own skin, which is far more unsettling than a stereotypical psycho. And he seems to be perpetually sweating.


I’m hoping that by the end of the season we see Calvin go full Hyde.


Me too, they really showed how superpowers are a lottery. Anyone can get them and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be the ‘sexy’ people or even the sane ones. And you can be silly and still be a threat.

I also felt it really matched with Mr. Hyde’s character. He’s clearly unbalanced and it’s mainly that he’s charming and funny that we like him, even though he’s a murderer


But he’s not a inhuman… None of them were (the baddies in the last episode)… And I’m glad, because the lady with the super fake razor fingertips looked really really cheap, so I was really getting worried about the TV inhumans… Fortunately the blind guy kind of makes up for it because he does look cool when he does his thing.

Oh and of course they’re keeping the Hyde reveal for the last episode(s)… But I don’t think Hulk will be involved… It’s obviously gonna be Skye who’s gonna take him down. Huh… shouldn’t we stop calling her Skye btw? =P


She chooses to identify as Skye rather than Daisy, for now at least


Her Official S.H.I.E.L.D. files tags her as codename Skye. I think she prefers it to Daisy. I would! (Y’know, being a guy and all.)


New episode art: