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Marvel Unlimited App


Does anyone else use this?

I want to love it. The library is amazing. To be able to sit down and read the entire run of UNcanny X-Men or to check out the newest run of Daredevil is fantastic. I love the way it looks and how easy it is to read.

When it works.

The problem is, it hardly works. I don’t know if it is the app itself or their servers that are garbage, but something stinks. I’ve been a subscriber for two years and I go long periods of time without using it because more often than not you get a couple of pages into an issue and then have to exit out and try to reload it because all the rest of the pages are blank.

It is amazingly frustrating.

I’d love to have a thread be about great old back issues that people have rediscovered using the app but right now I am more curious as to if the app is actually usable.

I also wish DC had the same thing…


It’s a great deal, it’s the only way I read Marvel nowadays but it has always been buggy.

I usually get a better experience than you but failing to load and blank pages happen too often, technically it is way behind Comixology which works well 99% of the time (on the same internet connection to rule out that’s the issue).


I love Marvel Unlimited. The app was a little clunky to begin with but it seemed to have gotten better. I actually haven’t used it in a month or so because I’m still trying to work my way through my Christmas trade pile. I do wish it’s mechanics were a bit more like ComiXology and that DC would get in the game with an Unlimited style app. I think so much of what makes something work well/right it the last 5-10% of finesse.


The worst thing is it keeps going up and down, I realise some are using the Apple app and some the Android one but it doesn’t seem consistently good or bad across those. Initially when I got it it was dreadful, then they did an update which was great but required you to download the entire comic in advance. The next was in theory better, download a page at a time and you can read while the rest of the issue is loading but I find I have to back out and reload a lot of the time


I didn’t work for me for a really long time and then I reset my tablet and it’s been pretty good ever since, although I don’t do things like building a library or reading offline because that stuff has never worked for it.

The funny thing about it is I’ve never heard two people with the same problems with it. It must be maddening to troubleshoot these problems across all devices, but if other companies can do it then I’m not sure why Marvel can’t.


I never found it to be buggy. Sometimes an issue would take ages downloading, but I never had a problem once I started reading.

I don’t use it, but that’s because I forget I have it, not because it has problems.


You are right, your problems were not mine but again to use Comixology as an example they also cover all devices and it’s all been plain sailing for me. I know the moans we got from Apple users last year but that was a policy issue more than anything and not a technical one.


They were issues that were spurred by policy. They initially stripped a lot of usuability aside from being able to purchase in-app as well. It didn’t allow for any browsing, previewing or even knowing what the next issue was along with the mobile version of their site being very clunky. All of those non-policy issues have been since fixed with all the functionality except for in-app purchasing restored.

I’ve tried several of the other apps too including whatever the one that initially directly competed with ComiXology, Dark Horse, Humanoids and 2000AD. None of them really compare to ComiXology. I think the real bonus is that the app seems to get out of the way. Whereas the other apps have a really ridged structure that has to be followed to read a book.


Yes I agree there were genuine problems because of the way Amazon pushed it through too quickly but as you say they fixed them along the way apart from the in-app purchases which is the policy issue.


In terms of what is good about it, I love the creator search. I think it’s incredible you can punch in Millar or Hitch or Hickman’s name and read everything they did at Marvel in chronological order.

I love that they have the same deal with events, too, where you can read old crossovers in exactly the order in which the books were published. I plan to make some dives there in the coming months to refamiliarize myself with some of the worlds in this summer’s Battlewords event.


Yes I found that invaluable with Avengers Infinity, they laid out all the issues in order if you followed the ‘discover’ page on it.


Doubt DC will get anything done until they’ve completed the move to the Left Coast.


Agreed, creator search is awesome. They also finally added the button at the end of every issue that takes you to the next one, which was a godsend.

Like I say, I want to love it. And it is weird how it gets better, then worse, then better.


I assume it’s glitchy because it’s relatively cheap for what it is. Usually when an issue doesn’t load, I exit and go back in and it works ok the second time. I’ve got into a rhythm with it now, so it’s stopped annoying me.

And I think it’s amazing to have that access, glitchy as it is, for that price. 10 year old me scrabbling under my friend’s big brother’s bed for random back issues would be SO envious.


It’s astonishing value, I’ll keep on with my sub as long as it is, although I’ve found it increasing in glitchyness recently. It is true that in most cases a reload works.

I read Death of Wolverine last night, which was okay but cost $20 to buy in singles, in one hour or so that’s more than 3 months subscription price.


I don’t know what Marvel are doing with the app. It’s almost like they created it in isolation as an experiment and now they can’t put it away again. They don’t want too many subscribers as it can kill monthly sales, so it’s not that well known and it doesn’t work as if the company depended on it (unlike for example Comixology).


That’s largely the way it seems to me too, Jim. A lot of reminds me of Barnes & Noble’s roll out of the Nook. The phone tech support was horrible and they were expecting booksellers to do in-store tech support with little to no training.


I really want the Bendis Alias series on here.


Oh, is MAX stuff not on there?


No, I don’t think they’ve any Mature-rated stuff.