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Marvel TV Thread


As more Marvel TV is coming splitting these off to match the DC setup.

This is next up for Marvel TV:


New Jessica Jones teaser.


If the series has the same vibe as the teasers, I think I’ll love it.


Really enjoyed Daredevil, hoping they keep that quality going but also make each series distinctive.


Going from these teasers it certainly looks like it has a different color palette and lighting style thank Daredevil.


I’m really looking forward to Jessica Jones on the strength of Daredevil the last couple teasers.


ABC are developing a Damage Control series:


I wonder if this is in direct response to the DC office place comedy that’s being developed.


I was watching the Damage Control episode of Ultimate Spider-Man with my daughter the other day, and I think I literally invented the idea of making it a sitcom. I just forgot to write it down. Or tell anyone other than a 2-year-old.


Tell to a 2 year old is perfect training for working in TV though.


The weird thing was when she grabbed my shoulder, took a draw from her cigar, and said, “Kid, one day you’re gonna be a big deal in this town, but for now, get back in the mailroom.”


New Jessica Jones teaser:

Is that the same intersection for the Daredevil teaser?


Yeah, I think it was reused in one of the previous Jessica Jones promo images too. There’s a slightly different colour scheme though. With Matt it was heavily red but Jessica’s version is a lot more purple. :slight_smile:


Have to admit, I’m crazy psyched for Jessica Jones and the other Netflix series, but other then that I’m just not feeling it TV wise from Marvel or DC. It’s not out of some elitist “it has to be perfect or it’s not good enough” BS or anything. I think I just way prefer digesting these characters’ stories in comics as opposed to the screen.


Some cool Netflix-DD concept art by Joe Quesada for season 2:

The comic artists are making the suit look so much better than it does in the show. Maybe they’ll take on board some of their colour and lighting suggestions for season 2.


Cheapskates :angry:


Yes, the full suit was easily the worst thing about season 1, and there’s a photo of season 2 where it seems it looks the same. Maybe they’ll tweak it through the season, but I doubt it.


I thought the suit itself wasn’t too bad, just the mask. The eyes look off somehow.

The bigger issue I think was the functionality. When DD was just wearing the black clothes, he was a lot less restricted in his movements and it made for some amazing fight choreography. The actual DD suit however seems far heavier and tighter. I’m worried we’re about to see a clear drop in quality because Cox/the stunt guys just can’t move as well. Guess we’ll find out in half a year.


Most superhero outfits have the same problem; superhero suits are never entirely rational, except The Punisher and even he should wear some head protection.

It just didn’t look real enough or cool enough. It doesn’t have to be both, but it has to be at least one.


I think they should stick to darkness. Like Batman, the DD suit is coolest when he’s in the shadows.