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Marvel Studios fire Marvel Comics Brain-Trust


How do we feel about this?

I know these guys very, very well and I can’t think of a table where Joe, BB, Dan and Alan don’t enhance the conversation and idea-flow. I also know they’re extremely easy to get along with and respectful of others.

Thoughts on this from the gallery?



Has it actually been confirmed that this has happened? It’s sounded just like rumor so far to me


I think they will regret it. I remember how much this was all being touted in the beginning especially the after credits scene in the first Iron Man. Wasn’t there a point where you were part of this group early on, Chief?


I worked on the first Iron Man a bit and threw myself in front of the original draft of the script with the Mandarin, which wasn’t great, and pushed for Iron Monger instead. Beyond that they’ve obviously just had Ultimates to cherry-pick from but my involvement nothing after this as I’d started my own company and I was focused on my own gigs :smile:



Cool. That’s what I thought. Much prefer you on Millarworld properties.


I think it’s insane. $9 billion. 12 movies. Three of the six biggest movies in history.

Had anyone suggested this a decade ago every single person would have called them crazy. The success of Marvel Studios is unprecedented, and I think they’re now taking it for granted. They had a good thing, but we’re meant to believe the brain trust got in the way of things. Their model is pretty much ‘stick to the comics, they work’. Imagine Marvel if they’d had Fox or Sony or Warners interference. I put the continual quality of Marvel at the hand of these guys, not Feige.

If I bring up my ‘Marvel is in trouble’ though process, this is clearly a pound of flesh for a couple of bad outings. And it’s the wrong flesh, but it’s the easy targets for Feige. And I think budget management would have been prudent as AOU was clearly a CGI laden mess that cost $100 million more than it needed to.

It does bother me that the internet community in general thinks this is a good move. Joe, Brian, Dan and Alan are maybe the best things that every happened to Marvel in the last 25 years - the idea that taking them away will help things, and to have them muddied up like they have been in the press must infuriate them after they spent so much of their lives dedicated to Marvel. Honestly I hope this motivates them to abandon big corporate like folks of their talent should. Bendis should b-line to DC and Dan and Joe should be planning on building their own thing.


Personally I think the Marvel movies, with only a few exceptions (GotG, Iron Man 1, half of Avengers), are as dull as dishwater. So in terms of my personal enjoyment I’m very excited by any creative shakeup at the top, both with these guys gone and Permutter gone. If they had stayed and Feige had gone I’d have been fine with that, too.

That said, you can’t deny how successful the films have financially, and in building a reliable brand. That’s something you mess with at your peril, especially right in the middle of these major plans. I think a move so drastic really speaks to how disappointed the heads were with the returns of Ultron and Ant-Man, and there is a strong chance the decision will come back to bite them.


who is the Brain trust these days? outside of Joe and Bendis, who is left? like the chief said, they have cherry picked the hell out of his stuff, so that has not come from the “brain Trust”. There were rumors that Brain trust actually impeded work on Ant Man and a number of the good writers leaving Marvel shrinks it even more. I think it is a good move for the Studio. but I am biased, as Todd, Sean, and Jim can attest. .


Bendis clearly loves comics to a degree that virtually nobody can match, but he should be a showrunner. I haven’t bought a comic by him in ages but I’d be game for a TV show in a heartbeat.

He, Rucka, BKV, and Brubaker should basically be running Showtime. Maybe that’s the next Image move, ha.


Has this actually been confirmed? Different stories are saying different things. The only thing that everyone seems to agree on is that Feige doesn’t report to Perlmutter any more.

To be honest, even if it is true it’s very hard to know how to feel about it without knowing how much the committee contributed to the movies, and in what respects.


And in return can we get Whedon as a full-time comics writer for a while?


Mark is talking about a bunch of close, personal friends losing one of their jobs. Why would you not believe him?


Maybe because I don’t make any assumptions about how close they are. It’s been close to a decade since Millar last worked closely at Marvel, and without him specifically saying that he’s going off of personal information, Occam’s Razor suggests he’s on the same platform as the rest of us. The rumor just broke, after all; I’m sure Millar would know the truth of it more quickly than the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean he knows for sure at this moment.


This was inevitable, with Disney wanting a direct line to one of it’s departments and Feige standing out from the crowd as the face of the MCU.

The attitude on the net is that Feige did all the good stuff and everyone else was responsible for anything they didn’t like. That seems ridiculously simplistic and, frankly, impossible.

Without knowing who did what in the development of the films thus far its impossible to say what the effect will be.

But we know that there’s been drama behind the scenes; Alan Taylor and Joss Whedon are on record about it and Edgar Wright walked away from ‘Ant-Man’, so will this now be a smoother process for future movies?

Whatever the future holds, Perlmutter should be applauded for what he did to build the MCU and Marvel in general and Committee (I believe) deserve credit for keeping the MCU together as much as it has been.

Let’s see where we go from here?


I apologise if it appears I’m questioning the validity of behind-the-scenes knowledge that isn’t public. That wasn’t my intention. I didn’t take the first post as any kind of confirmation, and from the way Mark said he hadn’t been involved since the first Iron Man I thought that he was reacting to the same media reports as anyone else.

It was an honest question. If we’re meant to take this thread as confirmation that it’s definitely happened then fine.

But as with the box-office thread, it’s going to get a bit hard to have these conversations if people get jumped on for voicing uncertainty about things which haven’t been made public by anyone (including Mark).


I think if it wasn’t true we’d have had a public retraction already.


perhaps, but there hasn’t been an official confirmation, either, from any of the parties involved, which makes it equally weird for everyone interested.


This sums it up for me. It’s almost impossible to for anyone on the outside to know what elements the creative committee were responsible for or prevented. I remember that anecdote from Mark about convincing MS not to use the Mandarin in IM1, which was a good call, but I suspect everything’s moved on a lot since then.

It was Feige who saw the worth of the Guardians concept while Marvel comics were canning it though, which seems a decent rough indicator of things.


I get the impression that Feige’s strength is in seeing what from the comics works, or at least can be made to work.

Of course, that relies on someone else having created something that works first. :wink:

Even if the creative committee is disbanded, I hope that Feige & co. continue to take inspiration from the best that the comics have offered. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.


There are conflicting rumours about this, but I’ll parrot almost everyone else… hard to have an opinion without knowing the actual extent of their involvement (good or bad).

Gotta say though, without knowing what kind of connection there is, I’m not really a fan of what Marvel Comics are doing right now, so keeping the movies and comics separated can only be a good thing, as far as I’m concerned.