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Marvel movies & TV - The thread!!


Just because threads over 100 posts long get a bit unwieldy and hard to get into.

Let’s cap the old one and continue that brill discussion here.


Marvel Movies & TV take over the world

Here’s the first promo image for Civil War:


Still curious as to what will be the catalyst to kick off Civil War. AoU planted some seeds, but everyone did essentially part on good terms.


Yeah AoU seemed to leave Iron Man and Captain America in the exact opposite spot they would need to be for Civil War.


Probably not how Marvel will do a Black Widow solo film, but I couldn’t resist sharing:


You would think that it would be something like the original mini with some unregulated superpowered people accidentally killing a bunch of innocent people stopping a super-criminal.

This is where Marvel’s version of Spider-Man joins the movies, right?


He’ll appear, but it’s not clear how big a role he’ll have. They had to rewrite the script to include him.


I think it’s more that they had two possible scripts, with the non-Spidey one focusing more on Black Panther. Now that Pete is available, I suspect Black Panther will play a more minor role.


Oyyy… no, stop re-designing Cap’s costume!!! The one on AoU is perfect… u_u

Yeah, one thing I was expecting from AoU is for two distinct sides to emerge by the end… which they kinda did, but not in the way I was thinking…

We’ll see how they handle it in CW.


Is this for realz?

[Now Marvel Wants You To Subscribe To Clothing, Too!][1]



Wouldn’t surprise me. They’ve already replaced him with Ultron as the one who maims Klaw.


I doubt it, if only because Marvel Entertainment and Disney are probably bigger on the properties that they own and they directly make money from. They’ll play up Spider-Man, but I doubt they’ll diminish BP to make it happen.


Yeah, it’ would be pretty foolish to diminish BP’s role in the movie considering they want to base a franchise around him.


Just about everyone on the planet prefers Spidy over Black Panther though… its not that bad of a trade off. Especially considering BP’s movie will come out sooner then Spidy’s next.


Man attends 28hr Marvel movie marathon. Succumbs.

This is post-Avengers:

“I’m entering that zone of shock-consciousness, the state of mind usually relegated to college students who stayed up all night finishing a paper, and then stumble into class, bleary-eyed, turn it in, and promptly fall asleep. Only falling asleep is not an option—we’re at the halfway point. I do my best to take a short nap, sprawling out across three seats, a deeply uncomfortable position made more so by the bright lights and the people having a loud debate a few rows over regarding whether Ant-Man will eventually become an Avenger in time for the Infinity Wars movies. Shut up, nerds, I think, wearily, as I remember having spent 30 minutes internally debating myself a few weeks ago about that same question. The nap doesn’t happen. I try to weep a little, in light of this fact, but tears are not coming, either. It seems that the moisture required by tear ducts to produce them has been absorbed by all the pretzel bites.”


I’m just talking about the way things would have gone if they hadn’t got the rights to Spidey. It seems clear from various comment made by Feige that Plan B was to use BP as a surrogate Spidey in the Civil War storyline. Now that Spidey is available, I imagine they’ll revert to Plan A and he’ll be used as the central character rather than BP.

That’s not to diminish BP, but it’s inevitable that incorporating a big character like Spider-Man is going to take away some of the material from other characters.


I would say it doesn’t really matter. They’ve had ample time to prepare a proper shooting script since the Spidey announcement last year, and at that point they probably just had a treatment.

It’ll continue to change, even during filming, so who knows, we might end up with more of a Black Panther v Spider-man film than Iron Man/Cap!


Yes, it’s not a big deal. And it’s not like we’re ever going to really know anyway, unless they publicly reveal exactly how much they’ve altered their plans to incorporate Spidey.


Some reports from questionable-at-best news sites said that the original storyline was supposed to be a continuation of the Winter Soldier plot, and when Marvel re-upped Robert Downey Jr’s deal, they decided to do Civil War instead of Iron Man 4.


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