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Daredevil trailer:


That looks really good.


Looks solid.

I hope the fight scenes are decent. I feel like those will make or break this show. It really needs to lean hard into the whole “urban ninja” angle.


The whole show looks really well made at this point, that much is for sure. I suspect that this will be what I wish Arrow was but isn’t quite.


I like what they’ve done with Kingpin. It’s not what I’ve imagined he’d be but it works. I always Kingpin would have a deeper, “wider” voice. A bit like a cement mixer that could talk. I guess that comes from the fact he looks like an absolute tank in the comics.


Is the 90s Spider-Man cartoon colouring you on that as well?


Well, there’s also the late Michael Duncan Clarke’s voice that was really deep. But… meh, I don’t mind the high pitch voice… He’s not gonna be gigantic either, but it’s okay.

I did like the joke at the end, not because it’s a good joke but because it cements the series within the larger MU… I hope there are more “easter eggs” like that within the show, but not too many… just enough to remind people it’s all connected…


Maybe! Maybe!

Actually, I don’t think I watched that back in the day. I remember watching the X-Men cartoon (I think it was on during Live and Kicking or whatever Saturday a.m. show was on) but I don’t recall ever seeing a whole episode of Spidey. Was it shown during a similar kids TV show?


It’s a good trailer, Foggy looks about 13 but I can cope with that.

The Kingpin will be fine too, they hired a very good actor. That really helps.


Yeah, honestly I’m not crazy about Foggy… Maybe if he didn’t have hat long hippy hair? =/

Not too crazy about that actor either, but then again, it’s Foggy, so who cares :smile:


As a New Yorker I kind of wish they hadn’t set it in Hell’s Kitchen. That neighborhood isn’t dangerous any more and isn’t even called Hell’s Kitchen at this point. I"m sure that means nothing to most viewers but it’s a bit disconcerting to watch the trailer and have them talk about the area as though it’s still a crime ridden hellhole. The upside is that’s literally the only complaint I have about that entire trailer. Otherwise, it’s looks awesome.


Daredevil is looking great. I can’t wait.


Spider-Man was actually part of Live & Kicking (although always cut in half across the show). I’m not sure where X-Men was shown, terrestrially. I only remember it on Sky One on weekday mornings.


Daredevil is looking very promising so far. The hard part will be not to burn through all the episodes in one weekend. I suspect I will fail.


In the first teaser trailer or whatever it was, I thought Foggy was the Owl due to his hair.


I just clicked on to CBR, and for a split-second thought that the picture that ran with this article was from some terrible alternate-universe version of the Daredevil TV show:


looooooooooool… too true… hey maybe that’s ultimate DD =P

Bendis does look like the Kingpin in that pic…


They are doing Frank Miller’s version of the character finally.


More Daredevil cast members revealed, including Turk (played by Rob Morgan) and Melvin Potter (played by Matt Gerald.)