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Nah, alternate reality 10’s.
That said, Moyer has the best idea.

You got the kids of Magnet and Prof. X on TV right now. Get em some screen time.


Seeing them lined up like that, it made me realise that some were nailed so perfectly. I never expected a Vision that’s so close to how he seemed in my head … nor Rocket, or Spider-Man. Hemsworth’s Thor isn’t anything like how I perceived Thor from the books though. Cumberbatch’s Strange isn’t either, for some reason.

Who do you think they got the most right, and the most wrong?


And Captains America.


I don’t know actually. Ever since the X-Men movies, I’ve been strong about movie versions vs comic versions. I think the whole “interlinked” story and them just being there seems like a miracle. It will probably stand for a while. I bet they’re going to try a different paradigm by the end of Phase 3.


I’d been quite resigned to accepting how they’ll never match the comics, but … I think they’re getting closer. Spider-Man, Vision … they ‘feel’ like the comics versions, to me. Would be interesting to see what Marvel would do with the X-Men if the rights reverted to them, after Homecoming.


Well, it’s not like Fox are uncapable of doing faithful versions (Deadpool), it’s just that the people at the helm don’t see to give a shit, which is sad =/


Yes, but they are the kings of not giving a shit.
Which has led to some great stuff and some not so great stuff.

They’re probably the best example, longevity-wise, for the side that argues that being faithful doesn’t matter.


Eh… I’ll hold judgement of that until the next X-Men movie comes out, with no more Jackman.

Also, they enjoyed a lot of longevity sure, but in a non-saturated market. These days? I dunno… AoA didn’t do gangbustin’ numbers…


Forgot to mention but maaaan, that costume gives me soooo much hope for a proper Starlin-esque Thanos, but I’m still wary =/

Also, there’re some peeps missing in the profile pictures, so I hope it’s not a final roster pic or anything, 'cause I’m expecting Hawkeye & Ant-Man to show in there too…


First Class is one of my favourites of the series and he’s in it for a joke for 20 seconds.


It’s also the2nd lowest grossing X-men movie (after the 1st one).

Oh and btw, Deadpool, aka the most CB-faithful FoX-verse movie is the highest grossing of them all, despite being an R-rated movie… That’s as “case closed” as you can get :smile:



It is but I thought we were talking about critical judgement and not box office.

Jackman’s Wolverine isn’t very faithful anyway, he’s too tall and never wears the costume. I agree though that it is a challenge they face know he wants to bow out and he’s the most popular character in the series.



Trying to recreate the magic of Deadpool.


Gambit? Never heard of him. Seems a bit of a gambit by Fox.


No. No it won’t.


First New Mutants trailer. Looks like they’re going full horror! Interesting.


That wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

So, we’ll see where they go with it?


Interesting redesign of the Smiley Face guys in that.