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robliefeld Huge shout out to @joshbrolin for completing his inaugural mission as CABLE!! Many of you know I sweated the casting of this role like no other. And then the producers hit the bullseye! BROLIN!! Dude is an actors actor, talent to spare. Josh Brolin as Cable will held in as high regard as Ryan as Deadpool and Hugh as Wolverine. What a treat we have in store for us next summer. As I have said often, wear those brown pants to Deadpool 2 next summer. They’ll come in handy! Thanks to @vancityreynolds for bringing this vision to life! #cable #joshbrolin #deadpool #ryanreynolds #xforce #robliefeld #marvel #markersketch


Oh I’ll save you the trouble: It’s not slavery, it’s just VERY shitty jobs for some of them, and specially a sense of “if you don’t get lucky in the DNA lotto, you’re lower caste scum”.

But I mean, here’s the thing, miners have children, those children get their chance with terrigenesis, if their mutations are not “good”, or non-existant, they go to the mines. BUT if they’re “good”, the kids get to do whatever the fuck else everyone does. I reckon that there are also other jobs… someone’s gotta make food, someone’s gotta repair toilets, etc, etc… My guess is everyone is sent to wherever their power can be used best, but because of overpopulation a lot of people end up at the mines. Tough shit, for sure, but it’s more of a situational thing, I reckon.

Maximus wants to abolish the caste system, yeah, but also get them all to earth… otherwise the whole thing wouldn’t work because of the outlying problem. Black Bolt on the other hand doesn’t want to go to earth yet, so he’s kinda forced to keep the status quo, rightly or wrongfully.

So yeah, there’s the potential for a really good story in there, buried under tons of cheap-ass production… =(


I love Runaways, easily one of my favourite Marvel franchises, although it’s been a while since they had a writer on it that can actually do them justice.

I’m actually in the middle of a re-read just now and the trailer looks really close to the events of the series.

However it has a rather bland look to it, as do the actors. These characters are all big personalities and it’s hard to tell based on a couple mins but writing and performances look like they are going to go through the motions, lacking the energy of the source material.

I know it’s too early to judge but Inhamans looks terrible and both Gifted and Runaways look very ‘meh’.

It seems none of the people producing these shows understand what makes the source material work. They really need to sit and watch Legion.


The thing is - jobs are what people get.

Slavery, or at best forced servitude, are what people have been forced to do.
And that’s what this is.


Jesus just frickin drop it already… Here’s what Maximus says in ep1 when adressing the lower castes after the kids get their mutations:

It’s not slavery, it’s a necessary lottery system where some people just get bad luck.

They didn’t address wether they get paid or not, probably not, because I don’t think anyone gets paid at all, so that’s a non-factor. BUT It’s not forced as in there are soldiers pointing guns at them, or lashing them into submission, or anything like that… they’re “forced” by the fact that someone has to do it and they drew the short end of the genetic stick. They’re still able to roam free, rest, have a family and their family have a chance of getting better luck. How is that even remotely close to slavery?

The point is, they never show any sort of violence or even the threat of it towards the mine workers. I’m sure there’s a lot of soldiers who ain’t happy about being assigned into the military cause of their powers either, for exemple… They all do it because they must and they’re basically angry because of the random arachaic system that decides their professional fate and their social status. It’s not fair, sure… but that’s a long way from being a slave.

Edit: Actually, I don’t even know why I’m arguing here… it’s pretty cut & dry: Being a slave means being the property of someone else, irregardless of what you do or you’re forced to do or what’s done to you. Are you the property of someone else? If so, yeah, you’re a slave… if not, then no, you’re not a slave. Easy peasy. End of discussion… u_u


Still like how it looks, and it feels like they’re getting the basics right at least. Looking forward to this coming out.


The trailers for The Gifted are meh. Having actually watched the first episode, it was surprisingly good.


Maybe we should regroup about going on and on about slavery…

On another note… How is the Gifted?


Pretty good. Not daring, but seems to have its head on its shoulders about being a family x-men drama.


I didn’t bother with Inhumans, but The Gifted pilot was well done. And while I get what you’re saying about Runaways, I still think it looks promising. Legion was fantastic, but not everything can be 8 episodes of pure visual insanity.


I’ll give it a shot - it’s on in Uk this week



That was the exact plot of the first comic I ever read that featured the Inhumans:

Roy Thomas and John Buscema (but, looking at that cover with more experienced eyes, that’s not Buscema … hmm, yes, google tells me it’s Steranko).

The story ends with the Royal Family realising that keeping a slave caste is wrong, and freeing them. (Sorry if that’s a spoiler for anyone still watching the TV series!)

I immediately became a huge Inhumans fan. Everything about the concept was so different and interesting. It really hurts to hear that this new series is apparently so bad :frowning:


But they’re not human people! (The clue’s in the name.)

When you’ve lived your whole life under a specific social system and you’ve never been exposed to other ideas, I think it’s hard to realise that your system is fundamentally wrong. To trot out the old cliché, many of our revered historical figures kept slaves. Not because they were being deliberately evil, just because everything about their whole culture told them it was the right thing to do.

That was the point of the Roy Thomas story I mentioned above. The Royal Family kept a slave caste because… that’s how it was done. As soon as they were exposed to other ideas (in the form of Crystal spending time with the FF in America and coming back to tell Black Bolt, look, you’re being an asshole), they freed the slaves.


But in the show they spotlight that the difference is minimal.
Maximus is identified by the other characters, and the slaves really, as human.
So, the Inhumans, going by the show is telling casual viewers, are human too. Just ones that got lucky genetically.

And well, Crystal is probably the most actively against humans in this version.


On the other side of the spectrum though, both Black Bolt and Medusa would rather NOT be king & queen… they make a point of it righ at the begining of the show. So it seems everyone (or most) are not happy with their lot on the caste system, the miners don’t wanna be miners, and the royals don’t wanna be royals. Meanwhile, the real problem they have is that they’re confined in a very small place on the fricking moon facing an overpopulation problem.

Anyways, funny thing, yesterday I started reading a fantasy book and the first thing they do (the authors) is lay down the workings of this particular world and it turns out it’s a caste system as well… fairly similar to what is being shown in the Inhumans show, there’s a king & queen, nobility, clergy, and then lower castes that get to work on the fields either because they were born into it, or because they get sent there as punishment for their crimes or whatever. Oh and they’re all magic users, so there’s also a parallel with terrigenesis, wherein the more powerful someone is born, they can also ascend throught the ranks… also, babies who are born without magic get euthanized apparently :smile:

But I digress… point is, caste systems are fairly common in fiction and were pretty common in a lot of past societies, hell you can still see traces of it in our world.

I really wish the show was better… I’m not sure it would have a GoT potential, but it could’ve been something quite different and new in terms of SH material. Well, I guess it kinda is already, but overall quality hurts it badly. It’s a shame =(


If’n I recall right from anthropology, humans and primates in groups tend to “stratify” - I think that was the term. Guess that means from biggest/meanest gorilla to smallest/weakest; or equally as much getting sorted by income or education or ability to bullshit.


Sure, but I was thinking more in terms of what you used to see more of, even a few decades back, in terms of social behaviour towards work particularly… as in: if your dad was a doctor you’d probably be pushed to become a doctor as well, and children (males mostly) would also be pushed to follow in their fathers’ footsteps, to inherit the family businesses or to just keep the “social status” of the family. These days it doesn’t work as much like that because kids have more “freedom” to choose… part of the social evolution thingie I suppose.



Full reviews Thursday week.