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I think they’d have to, as a massive X-Men fan over several decades I have no idea how most of the X-Men films fit together. :smile:


It’s not exactly slavery though… it’s a caste system. Ok, not particularly better, but not the same thing. Also, I agree… however, Maximus is using their plight to gain power and control for his own ends. It’s not like he’s a good guy either.

All of that reinforces the fact that it’s a shame the production is so cheap. They could’ve done something actually interesting with a well made mini-series dealing with those issues.


I don’t know.
Being forced to live in tunnels to mine for resources with your bare hands for no pay is sort of like slavery to me.
It’s not that they’re just the lowest rung, they’re forced labor.

And Maximus has his bad qualities, but of all the characters he’s the only one calling this out. And chances they give the heroes to do this too they refuse. Holy moley.


Well, we know that Black Bolt’s not an asshole, so there might be a reason why they’re doing what they’re doing. Yes, it sucks, obviously, but the situation itself is not B&W. Unfortunately the series is too poorly made to be able to handle it well.

Also, not gonna get too much into it, but I don’t know if they’re paid or not, they haven’t really adressed that… thing is, if your mutation is of X or Y type you get to work in the mines so it IS a caste system, not really slavery, again.


…do we?
He’s been King a while and let the slaves be slaves.
So…I think he leans heavily into douche territory.

Also, slavery of the non-powered when the powered could probably do it easier is pretty black and white.

And you can’t argue an insectoid caste system of workers with people. Because they’re people. Not insects.


They’ve hinted there’s a reason for it… The problem is BB’s not talking… literally and figuratively, but he seems to have a plan, at least.

Also, people in the mines HAVE powers. Some of them at least. Also, they have a home, a family and can have children (also part of the problem, since they have an over-population problem), all of which they wouldn’t have if they were actual slaves, and arguably, they wouldn’t be in that situation.

My guess is that, like what would happen in a caste system, depending on which powers you get in your terrigenesis, you get sent to work somewhere accordingly. I’m sure there’s people working in food production, people working as army members, etc…

Yes I can, because it’s a ficitonal society of super-powered beings living on the moon… Caste systems are fairly common in sci-fi and fantasy stories.

Edit: As I said, this could’ve actually been a very interesting series… but they’re really suffering from a lot of budgetary and obvious rushed production issues.


Who identify as human beings and superpowered cousins of human beings.
And as human beings, slavery is slavery.

Yeah, powers they deem useless.
What a great society. And if only Black Bolt could speak…or write. Too bad the Inhumans have no system of writing.

Oh…wait…they do.


Well I didn’t say it was a fair society, nor a good system. I’m just saying it’s not quite slavery… anyways, not gonna argue this any further.

And yes, the writting is not good enough to handle the themes they’re going for. That’s part of the issue… but I kinda see the skeleton of a good story buried in there.


Well, if the season ends with a moral like “They needed slavery or else the world would explode” then I’ll be sure to tell you that you were right :wink:


Well I mean, if you’re intent on calling it “slavery” solely to justify your dislike of the show, then there’s not really anything I could say to sway your mind… =/

The season will probably end in a cliffhanger that probably won’t be resolved, because it’s hard to see it greenlit for a second season at this point. My guess is Maximus will bring everyone to earth and that’ll be the cliffhanger.


You got that backwards. I dislike the show because of the slavery.
But I won’t argue it any further.


If your skin is black you get to pick cotton so it is a caste system, not really slavery.




Living in an unfair and/or oppresive system doesn’t make you a slave. We’ve seen they’re free to procreate and seem to have a home and some degree of freedom. But heeey… you wanna call it slavery? fine, I don’t give a shit. You’re still wrong tho…



Fine, I know next to nothing about the Inhumans. However in my dictionary if they’re forced to labour under inhuman (heh) circumstances for no remuneration, they’re slaves.


We might be underselling slavery here. Are the workers forced to work every day? Can they stop if they want? Take vacations? Live where they want? Marry who they want?

I mean, if I get a job at a restaurant and all they let me do is washing dishes and cleaning toilets I’m not really a slave. The term slave demands a little bit more than that.

Not that I’ll watch Inhumans to find out my answers. It’s really shite.


I just want Iwan to go all Ramsay on somebody.


Can he start with Jeph Loeb?


Watched The Gifted today and really liked it. Plus, I’m always happy to see Amy Acker in anything. So yeah, I’m in.