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Looks solid so far. I’m really hopeful since Runaways was one of my favorite comics of the previous decade.


That looks really good.



God no.


Honestly, they should just pull the trigger with X-23 in a spin-off of Logan.


Agreed. It’s actually a little surprising they haven’t considering how well received she was. And Logan performed pretty well. I’d be more interested in that than Gambit. Or Dark Phoenix.


I’m sure there’s plenty of good unkown actors who would be a great choice… I mean, Wolverine is one of the few characters they can cast an unkown in it and EVERYONE will go see it, if only to compare him to Jackman’s…


I haven’t seen Scott Eastwood break out yet. He’s good looking, smart, hasn’t been bad in anything but he hasn’t demonstrated that he’s got the kind of charisma his dad has yet, and Logan needs that.

As for X-23, I don’t think they want to create a separate series of movies set in a post Wolverine, post X-Men future.

They could just say sod the timeline issue and drop her into a rebooted universe or something, but I believe they (probably) see ‘Logan’ as it’s own little thing that did very well and maybe they’ll make more serious movies from time to time.

The real job is keeping the ‘X-Men’ movies going, one way or another.


I don’t know why I watched the third episode of Inhumans, but I haven’t felt like I’ve wasted my time this hard since Zoolander 2.

How unlikable did they plan on making the heroes? They’re so damn unlikable, and it’s not even really portrayed as a flaw, but more of an “oh you” thing. This episode just makes the slave system thing even worse. They treat it as a good thing, again.

Wooo…this show.


What, did the Inhumans bring back slavery?


Maximus has a scene where he tries to announce an edict abolishing the slave system, and it’s scored, lit, and acted like some sort of highly villainous moment.


I chose not to watch Inhumans after seeing the two hour debut. The premiere completely turned me off wanting to see the rest of the series.

I finally got around to watching The Gifted last night. It was a lot better than I expected. Not perfect by any means but still quite good.

I cared about the characters and though the introductions were brief, I can see myself developing connections to them.

The use of powers and the action sequences were also done well. The show had a great pace and didn’t drag at all. I chalk that up to Matt Nix and Bryan Singer.

I enjoyed it and will keep watching.


I chose not to watch it as soon as I heard the words “Inhumans TV show.”


The Gifted is well done entertainment.
The showcasing of Thunderbird’s power could be better, but the characters are actually interestingly handled.


In a way they have already done that. They ignored the reset opportunity they had with Days of Future Past. The various movies and tv shows really don’t connect unless you squint very hard.

It sounds like Deadpool and X-Force maybe it’s own subfranchise. I’m not sure how New Mutants or Gambit will tie in. Legion is it’s own thing. The Gifted seems like it’s on its own as well.

I’m actually okay with that. If Fox produces entertaining movies and tv series that aren’t connected, I’m not really bothered by that.


Fox seems to have a better handle on doing Marvel properties for television than Marvel does. They also look like they’re doing a good job with DC ones too.


As someone who has read many X-Men comics, I’m willing to buy into the idea that all the X-movies are their own separate thing and yet still kind of related. I think audiences would be able to buy into an X-23 movie without caring how it connects to the next X-Men movie or Deadpool or New Mutants.

Not that they need to rush an X-23 movie either. But I would like to see more of Daphne Keen in the role. She earned it.


I had no idea the Inhumans had a slave system. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?


It’s been a part of them for quite a while.
Which is why this parody image made about Civil War 2 came about.
From Odysseus’ origin.


It’s like the show has decided to play this straight.