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The Gifted was pretty good. Standard in its way, but thoroughly well executed.
And I hear this season is only 10 episodes, and so that is good news. Could be focused due to that.


I pity Marvel. They created something on which Tom Punk and I agree.


I place more of the credit on Fox.




Pshh… I don’t know if I’m gonna like this, tbh, but bravo! this looks exactly what I’ve been suggesting since… forever! Good to know someone had the brains to recognise the potential in this pair. Now let’s hope it’s well made, even if we’re not the target audience. Looks quite decent tho…


I want that series to work, it’s another chance to do something different with the genre.



The problem with having a comic book vigilante mass murderer is they really get overshadowed by the real mass murderers.


Aye, like Hitman.
But he was able to weather himself to an ending nicely.


Apparently Netflix had planned to surprise-premiere The Punisher this weekend, but have delayed it for obvious reasons.


Or maybe “they planned a surprise premiere this weekend but delayed it due to obvious reasons”.




Is this Verbinski looking for his next franchise?


This is big if true. Verbinski would be great for Gambit.


Yeah, it’d be huge news - he can direct anything he wants. Which makes me think this can’t be true as why pick Gambit???


Not much difference between Gambit and Jack Sparrow if done right.


Aye, and, well, the cards a better fit for the sort of stuff that Verbinksi did with Lone Ranger than bullets were.



Pirates had the setting to its advantage. Treasure chests and cursed gold and undead pirates and mermaids. The world building was easy. Gambit would need all of that invented from scratch, and New Orleans feels like it’s been done already. To me they’re not the same at all.

And Channing Tatum is no Johnny Depp.