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Pretty frequently. My favorite director is David Lynch but it took me 2-3 watches to get into Inland Empire, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and Wild at Heart. Now I love all of them, with the first 2 being among my very favorite movies.


Something that stuck out to me with Inhumans.

The mines are the width of a doorway and they use their hands.
What the goddang hell is the Slave Caste even mining for?
Moon Gold?


Tom, you should watch it again and again until you can find out and then go read the myth of Sisyphus


Yeah, i can see that happening wicth Lynch, or Nolan or Aronofky´s movies.

But it really surprised me how mislead I was with Spiderman.
I mean, i realized that much of the humor really went over my head as well as some really solid accting (Specially from Holland himself).


I agree. I don’t think the film side have done much wrong, a couple of errors here and there but they’ve made hits out of Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. They’ve not really delivered what you’d say is a clear critical or commercial flop. The TV side have with Iron Fist and now this.


I think Loeb has problems with growth and improvement. He wrote some good comics, tried to extend them, people got bored and stopped reading. He did Heroes, started good, unable to follow up, it got cancelled. Started running Marvel TV , had successes with AoS and DD, unable to follow up, eventually stuck us with IF and Inhumans. IMO, I hope someone will notice this pattern and find a new project for him before Marvel TV crashes and burns into an irretrievable mess.


It’s pretty sad to say, but I think after his son tragically died, loeb hasn’t really done anything good again.


I agree. And I don’t think the weaknesses of the TV projects are going to affect the films to any real extent. I don’t think most audiences probably even link the TV side with the movies in their minds.

Which goes a long way to justify the movie division’s decision to keep the TV side at arm’s length.


I’d severly question that statement :smile:

But DD was good, though I’m sure it had more to do with the larger budget and better creators.

Anyways, just saw the Inhumans, it’s AoS & CW level of bad. It’s not completely worthless and horrible, but more of a REALLY missed opportunity, which is a shame. Like a big shame.

To their credit though, some of the actors are really doing their best with the shit material they were given, and there’s a good story concept buried under tons of awful dialogue and lame jokes, so in that regard it also feels like a waste.

Its biggest sin of course is the pretty dire visual quality of it all, it ALL looks cheap, there’s no 2 ways about it. It’s as cheap looking as AoS S1, which is, if you remember, pretty fukin bad =/

The music is rather uninspired as well. Both the BGM and the weird choice of cover songs, specially for the first half of the pilot.

I dunno, there were a couple of nice things, but it’s rather mediocre… I will stick with it because it’s only 8 episodes anyways, unless it gets worse, but I don’t see how it could at this point. A real shame they wasted such a concept so full of potential with this lazy cheap production.


I had a similar experience with Homecoming, the first time I saw it I thought it was just okay - the second time around I was blown away by how good the script was. There were other things apart from the script that still not perfect but I think it’s one of the best superhero screenplays ever written. I gushed over it a fair bit on the Homecoming thread.

Acting and direction wise, that going to Prom sequence is immence.



Huh, what Anson Mount says on that video is true tho… I did think the premise of the story is rather solid and quite interesting… the execution however was not. They should’ve spent a bit more time setting up the world and showing how their society works for maximum effect… of course I suppose that’s an issue of too little time and money… or who knows, there are sooo many bad decisions in there it’s hard to know. But the premise at least is solid and again, to his credit, Anson Mount and Iwan Rhenon do their job fairly well, despite everything else.

However, and unfortunately, that’s not nearly enough to save the series =(


Sorry, way behind on this conversation, but I listened to an interview with Liefeld on 11 clock comics before Domino was cast and he said that the character is actually intended to be black, despite the colouration on her skin.


Ah, I didn’t know that. I’m not particularly familiar with the character.


Sorry Dave, hope that didn’t come across a ‘well actually’ …
I was just reading the conversation between a few of you guys and yours seemed the easiest to quote with enough clear context , then I looked online and it seems like there is a lot of controversy around casting a black actress to play domino - and I seem to really clearly remember liefeld on the show saying that she’s not actually white - and this was like at the start of the year or something, long before they cast the girl they did (who looks perfect to me - I get why they’ve reversed the black and white combo, I don’t think it would work the other way on screen without looking blatantly like white makeup plastered all over someone)

Also, the name Neena is a bit of s giveaway that the character isn’t white, that sounds like an Indian/Hindu name, although I can’t be arsed checking, so I’ll live in ignorance until someone corrects me. Maybe they should have cast an Indian actress in that case if folk really want to moan about it.


That’s only a problem if the next words out of your mouth are “it’s about ethics in…”


Do not finish that sentence.

Put the bunny back in the box, Nagle.


Not at all, I appreciate the information. I think I’ve only come across the character in a few books and they never really touched on her in great detail.


My second viewing of Homecoming left me thinking it was every bit as mediocre as the first time that I’d seen it. :sweat_smile:


Watched it recently as well… it was okay… well structured and the villain was definetly on the better side of SH movie villains. I absolutely HATED that whole MJ thing… completely unnecessary and that girl was nothing like MJ, and I don’t only mean her looks.

It’s a weird movie, it definetly was nothing epic, but that’d be hard to do on the 6th movie, I suppose, but it was definetly a good interpretation, with a much younger PP and specially within the MCU. It really felt more… I dunno… “good” I suppose :smile:

Plus it expertly avoided the whole unle Ben pitfall, so that’s definetly a big plus. I suppose it felt a bit more like reading a TPB of a random story arc, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just a different experience. But eh, it was okay… I don’t regret missing it at the movies though.

Edit: I forgot to say, it was definetly more entertaining than either GotG2 or WW, so that’s also on the plus side. I hope Ragnarok and JL deliver a lot more on that front though…