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It lived (and died) to expectations.


No need to mince words, Todd. You can let us know how you really felt about it.


Shame to hear Marvel botched Inhuman’s so hard. I was really looking forward to the Inhumans movie back when it was announced half a decade ago (or whenever it was). How it went from that to a crap TV show, who knows. But oh well, not like I need more TV to watch anyway.


The most disappointing aspect of the whole thing is that it looked and felt cheap. It came across as so half-assed and poorly developed. It looked like it had half the budget for a typical Agents of SHIELD episode. It’s only 8 episodes, not a 22 or even 13 episode season. They could have spent more on it.

I don’t know why Disney/Marvel rushed to get this out. I don’t see why it was so urgent to get it out n the air RIGHT NOW. If they had taken their time to properly develop it, it could have been something special. Without getting into spoilers, there were some really stupid decisions made for the story and characters that could been addressed with more time and probably a better showrunner.

I really feel bad for the actors, especially Iwan Rheon. They’re doing the best they can with what they’ve been given but they deserve so much better. Iwan is the best thing on the show but he’s been given shit to work with.

While I doubt anything will significantly change, I hope the Inhumans at least gives Disney/Marvel some pause to reflect on what went wrong here.


I guess there’ll be at least a couple of articles looking into what went wrong?

Right now I’m not highly motivated to google for them though.


CBR released an article headline that blames reviews.


This is one time the messenger was not wrong.


That’s (arguably) part of why no-one watched it, I’m interested in the production, not the reception.

Just not that interested… as I said…


I am curious as to how it did in the ratings last night. I can see people tuning in to see it for themselves and garnering decent ratings. I think the following weeks will tell the real story.


15 minutes in, I switched to AMC and watched Twister. I prefer my disaster films to be intentional.


3.8M viewers, 0.9 rating. Not awful, but it’s probably going to drop in the next few weeks.


I do want to add this:

As bad as the VFX looked on an HD big screen at home, I can’t imagine how much worse they would have been in IMAX.


In the midst of a busy evening, Inhumans got 35 seconds of my attention.

I want at least 30 seconds back.


I kinda feel bad for the poor Inhumans now. They’re going to be a Green Lantern/Catwoman type punching bag for the next few years. Everyone feels content to kick them while they’re down.

It’s interesting to watch Marvel fuck up like this. They got so chesty and confident around the time they announced all their future line up, and then announced the Netflix deal. They must have felt invulnerable. And yet they’ve slowly soiled their pants instead.

I expect Thor 3 to be a nice turn around that will give a Guardians type vibe of a job well done. It’d be terribly disappointing if it’s bad after all this build up.


Way back when they announced that list, people went through it and Inhumans tended to be the one where the response was: Why?

For the others, the case didn’t have to be made - it was obvious.


Ragnarok looks right fun. Somebody - I don’t have a clue who - has had a wild hair up something for years regarding the Inhumans, despite every attempt flopping. But, like I said, I caught half a minute and want the time back.

I see a lack of someone in a decision-making position with some degree of comics sense to go along with business sense. It’s a hot topic right along through now.


I caught the whole intro with Triton and thought “Woah, something to finally rival the CW-DC shows”, and I meant every word of it.


Mods! Punks being mean to me!


I think it comes down to Jeph Loeb overseeing Marvel TV. I believe if Kevin Fiege were also running the television division, we would be getting very different products.


Just saw Spiderman: Homecoming for the second time.

It turns out that my first impression of the movie was way off and it was pretty Good.

Is a curious thing, and just for the purpose of knowing; Anyone has feel like this with the second viewing of a movie?

For the record, the same thing hapened to me with the, (know i know), marvelous “Hot Fuzz”.