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Pffft. I pulled that shit months ago on Superhero Dojo. :wink:

(At the end of the vid)


The original Colossus is in Dark Phoenix:



Not feeling that trailer, although Bernthal’s one of my favorite actors working today so I’m still hopeful. I really hope the series takes a Garth Ennis approach to the character, where Frank’s as much of a monster as the people he’s fighting. Treating him as a hero has never been a good look.

Also, what the hell is up with that song choice?


I love the use of One in that trailer.


Well that was the take in Daredevil so presumably it’ll continue here


Yeah the trailer certainly seems to imply that is the case, what with him shooting an unarmed man who doesn’t have the information he wants.


That Thor 80’s trailer is glorious. I really like this side of Marvel. It feels like we’re getting another Guardians movie.


That’s the kind of thing antiheroes do in lots of action movies, though. Plenty of Punisher writers in the past have had him do stuff like that and still portrayed him as a good guy or at least a necessary force.

He was written well in Daredevil but my worry is that the writers will feel it’s not a sustainable approach for a solo show.


It is funny, I was not as down as many on Thor 2 but it was pretty average at best. I am so excited for the new one, it looks so much fun.

With anything so much is down to the execution.


The Punisher trailer looks like a standard revenge movie to me. Nothing wrong with those, there’s been a million of them and a lot of them are fun and do well.

But as a series, with Frank…?

I’m on the fence about the series anyway, so I’m going to keep as open a mind as I can about it. Maybe he needs mainstreaming a bit?


The refusal to announce a date for Punisher is still worrying to me. I suspect they’re going to drop it with little warning, and without sending episodes to critics for review (or they’ll do what they did with The OA, where reviews were embargoed until release day).


It’s all about context. If it’s just him killing every bad guy he meets the show will get boring quickly.
If it’s him taking revenge on the people that killed his family, I can get behind that.


The guy he kills seems to be just be a hired thug. He’s someone who the Punisher had disarmed and is questioning and when he doesn’t have the answers the Punisher wants he murders him.


Yeah I got that, watched the video. I was speaking more on the general tone of the show.
I have no problem with him killing a guy hired to kill him but had no info but just don’t want it to be “let’s see how many ways Frank can kill bad guys.”


Still amazes me the Punisher somehow made it onto a kid’s show:


Once you’ve got Wolverine in the show, Punisher is only a small extra step.