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I think there’s still ground there to be explored - the story of young Cyclops and Jean Grey for example - but given the established through-line that links the past-set X-Men movies back up with the original Singer film, there really isn’t a lot of wiggle-room to tell a very compelling story there (and certainly not to do Dark Phoenix).

I agree that meddling with that territory after you’ve cleared up all the timeline issues with DoFP is probably re-opening a can of worms that didn’t need to be opened. That movie made a perfect cap to the X-Men series (although arguably Logan made an even better one). Apocalypse made things messy again, and made me think a full ‘hard’ reboot is probably the best way to go now.


I was looking up something else connected to the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil and was remined how much I loved D’Onofrio’s portrayal of Fisk especially in this scene.


I don’t know if you guys have seen this site, but it is silly and wrong. Fodder is drawn from the MCU, DCEU, and comics.


Also, saw the Daredevil Season Two Bluray last weekend and even though I have Netflix, I was tempted to buy it because of this sweet Quesada cover.






The blotting out of the release date is a bit odd. Maybe they’ll drop it with minimum warning?

And maybe that’s to avoid the bad reviews Iron Fist got? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A bit disappointed that Jigsaw looks like a normal guy. Hopefully that will change before the end of the season.



A bloody old logo is more like it.



Am I the only one who reads about all these different shows and thinks “geez, give it a rest…”?


It’s because superheros are going the way of the western (a genre which had over 80 separate TV series in the 1950s).


I don’t really care. I think as a comics fan 15 years back or so you felt duty bound to watch it all. Now I’ll just see on film and TV what is deemed as good. It makes no difference to me if there’s a mediocre show I am not watching.


No and I’m tired of seeing the Q only getting applied to the superhero genre.

I don’t see it happening with murder mystery, domestic, cop procedural shows so why single out superheroes?

If you’re interested watch it, if not, don’t but who really cares about the number of any TV shows?


They can buy MillarWorld, or whoever owns it.



So Sandie got to see the glory that was Guardians of the Galaxy 2 a couple of days back, she loved it.

Things that were either different or better for me second time around:

  • The score - first time round it seemed too dramatic, but this time it seemed to fit much better.
  • Still love the way Yondu “fired” his mutinous crew - still can’t believe Gunn got away with it. The reason it works is the film takes time earlier to establish what a bunch of total bastards they are. Thus when Yondu goes to town on them, it’s very easy to back him.

Things neither of us picked up on until we watched the extras was the sheer detail that went into the design, like how the score and songs are interwoven, with each designed to accomplish a certain enhancement of the story at that time.

The end sequence remains a kick in the nuts but also very sweet too. It also still has the best credits sequence ever.