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Now that one makes sense, it never ends, we should be on episode 27 by now. :smile:


I don’t know, if I bought an everlasting gobstopper off Willy Wonka then I’d be annoyed if he made me pony up for “part 2” once it disappeared. :slight_smile:


But you can buy real Everlasting Gobstoppers now and they only last like a minute.


Okay, so “Everlasting” is a lie, but do they stop gobs?


They’re barely bigger than skittles. No gob is being stopped.


So my favorite line in this video is “ascension to swoleness”.





Right… so $$$$$ basically… great u_u


Well whether we believe her or not she says the opposite in the article, she didn’t have to do it as her contract was finished but felt she owed it to the fans not to leave the character hanging.

Obviously she’s going to be very well paid for it but she’s already the highest paid actress in Hollywood for the past two year whatever she picks.


I just can’t believe they’re going through with this movie.


Jlaw can do any movie she wants. I just don’t know why she’d do this one. We’re at the bottom of the barrel now of the X Men franchise. I think actors are struggling to identify movies that will resonate with audiences so they stay with what they know.


It’s really odd… I’m getting a similar vibe from this as the last Star Trek movie, where I know it’s being made, yet it still seems really under the radar, and not many people seem excited for it… and probably like the last Star Trek movie, it’ll just come out with little to no fanfare.


Are fans really clamoring for her return after AoA though? I thought most people were in agreement that she looked like she was phoning it in and would rather she didn’t come back… But maybe I’m wrong =/


Well it’s her impression of events. I doubt the fans thinking she was phoning it in said it to her face.

I thought she was fine, it’s just the film wasn’t.


I am more than ready for a total reboot of the X-Men movie franchise. I greatly enjoyed Logan and Deadpool for doing something different with their properties but the generic baseline template for the ‘main’ X-Men movies is tiresome (as is to be expected given that they started nearly 18 years ago).


There’s a difference between fans and people who post in message boards like this one. I’ve said that before; we are not the mainstream.

Certainly the mainstream has embraced geekness over my lifetime and it’s good to be around to see it, but we, those of us in places like this, are still different from most of the millions who see an ‘X-Men’ film.

For the record, I never thought she was phoning it in. I thought she used her position as one of the best known people in the series to make sure that Mystique had more to do and that it mattered and that she wasn’t blue all the time. Which I think are the things that mattered to her.


Yeah, I can’t imagine who could possibly be excited for the Singerverse to enter its third decade, when they killed off Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in the last film (not that they can’t come back, but it was a nice ending).


The thing is Fox had everything wrapped up and sorted out with X-Men: Days of Future Past. Continuity was cleaned up and it provided a soft reboot to the franchise. They had a clean slate with which to move forward.

Then they fuck it all up by doing X-Men: Apocalypse. Or at the very least, they screw up by setting it in the past again. Any X-Men movie made after DoFP should be set in the present.