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It’s playing in IMAX near me tomorrow, which is disappointing when I want to watch Dunkirk with a friend instead.


I was quite surprised to see posters up for it in the Dublin IMAX


Maybe someone lost a drunken bet?


I… I did not even think that was possible… a flat zero.


ikr :smile:

To be fair, there’s only 12 reviews so far… but, as I said, hard to see it getting better at this point =/



Ladies and gentlemen, Battlefield: Earth: 2017: Marvel Style.


That’s harsh, Battlefield Earth is only 2 hours!


This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Most of what he says is pure speculation that doesn’t match the reality behind the scenes. It’s like putting Bleeding Cool on YouTube.



Honestly I think the more damning thing is that so few critics bothered to review it. No-one gives the remotest shit about this property. It’s an amazing achievement for Marvel, and may very well make them realize they’re close to the bottom of the barrel for Marvel properties.

Disney will need to go shopping to find their next big merchandise driver.



Nah, it’s just a stupid stupid blunder someone should get fired for… Whatever trendy hatred the Inhumans have been getting because “Marvel are trying to turn them into the X-Men”, the fact is: The Inhumans are good characters and they could’ve been a good movie, or a good TV series if they’d made the effort, but they clearly went for something SUPER rushed and cheap and it shows.

I really hope Runaways and the new series fare a lot better than this. And I severly hope someone gets un-promoted, to put it kindly.


Regardless of the quality of this particular show going for an IMAX release is quite dumb. TV in the cinema can work, they’ve done it with Doctor Who specials a few times and since distribution is so cheap now it’s gone digital (average cost of $100 a screen) it’s almost impossible to lose money.

Going the IMAX route though they must have spent more to make it but it’s still on a TV budget so it looks cheap on the format designed for the biggest spectacle. I saw the trailer on an IMAX screen before Dunkirk and it can only really look shite in comparison to what Nolan was doing with sweeping vistas of beaches and aerial dogfights.


Well what that annoying dude Charlie says on his video kinda sounds true… maybe I read something about it earlier? Anyways, about IMAX contributing some money to make it so they could screen something on an empty period, but yeah, they should’ve taken their time with it, and if it wasn’t possible they should’ve said no. Simple as that. In the end, they lose money, the screw with the actors’ careers and hurt their overall brand… there’s no win by putting out shitty content.


That list’s a travesty. There are some classics on there! :angry:


You’ve got to love a film that has the balls to call itself The Last Seduction II.


I know - most of the Police Academy series!


I prefer Final Destination 5. :wink: