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It’s not Marvel proper though. It’s Sony trying to maximize the properties they own.


oh… huh… why the hell is that part of the Sony deal? =/

Well, same deal tho… I think McFarlane is still going ahead with his new Spawn movie, so he’ll probably not let them just do that nilly-willy.

Hmm… I wonder if Sleepwalker is also part of the Sony deal, that could be cool… and for some of those lesser known characters 'cause Sony could actually go with a horror movie. Disney won’t… ever…


Most of his appearances came in the 1990s in various titles starring Spider-Man and in his own short lived, self-titled series. One of his more prominent roles was in the Maximum Carnage crossover.

He first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #97 - less than a year after Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, whose costume the armor resembles with a prehensile cloak and self-repair abilities.

So while they don’t seem to consistently operate rules on this he looks to be considered a Spider-Man supporting character. Looks like someone at Sony has been given the task of reading the thousands of Spidey books out there and finding any concepts (think) they can work with.



That sounds like a fun job to me.
Where can I apply?


Maybe you missed the part where you had to read Nightwatch comics.


I assume no one at Marvel much cares for reasons you highlighted. It sounds like McFarlane is going in a decidedly non-superhero direction. So if Sony were going to capitalize on a superhero version of a similar character, there might be room.


Never heard of him.

So the only thing I can state with certainty is that it is a post-1990 character :wink:


And they went all the way to the 1990s before they found one they liked? :open_mouth:

Sony need to hire better people.


I don’t think Prowler was ever Todd’s to take or leave anywhere. Created in the 60s by Stan Lee and … hmm … John Buscema I should think?


In fairness they were working backwards from the late '90s.


Let me know if you need a reference :wink:




(Seems like Romita Jr was also involved, interestingly. He would have been 13 at the time!)



McFarlane allegedly based Spawn’ s character design on Prowler


Ah, ok, I misunderstood your comment. I thought you were saying he created the Prowler himself.


Well, he did that too


For whatever reason, that was one of my favorite Spidey stories ever.


Ha! 0% on RT for the Inhumans so far… that doesn’t bode well… :smile:


Wow, it’s that high? I was expecting a lower score :slight_smile: