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And on top of all that, even though the IMAX version is supposed to be presented as a movie, it still includes episode recap flashbacks halfway through, making me wonder if the editor didn’t get the memo.

The IMAX version is ten minutes shorter than what will air on TV. How do you decide to still include the previouslys?


In case someone fell asleep.


Jesus look at those pictures… damn it looks soooooooo bad… I’m sad about it… but then again, what should we expect from a show that took, what, one week to shoot I think? crazy =/



Or they gave themselves self-inflicted brain injuries due to its awfulness.



Wow, that’s a broad Australian accent; we usually train them to tone it down a bit before doing overseas media.



I assume this board is full of people who can quote the character’s history, chapter and verse.

I’m not one of them though.


Nightwatch sounds like a news and current affairs show that goes out at 11pm.


It’s a Ewan McGregor movie, I remember that.


Sony have released some concept art with the announcement.


I call bullshit on the Nightwatch movie… unless Disney wants to deal with a lawsuit from McFarlane :smile:

They should go for a Sleepwalker movie… although… eh, Dinsey doesn’t do horror, so nevermind… u_u


Eh. The original Nattevagten was far superior. (Actually, it doesn’t really matter because Nightwatch was a shot-for-shot remake by the same director.)

Anyway, I have to admit I had forgotten that that was Coster-Waldau in Nattevagten. Or let’s rather say I didn’t recognise him on Game of Thrones because, well, almost twenty years between those things. Look how young he was!


That’s how the last face Aerys Targaryen saw before he died, looked.



His main claim to fame is being a bit of a Spawn knock-off. I always wondered if it was a proto-Spawn idea that Todd had left at Marvel.


Aside from Prowler?


Nightwatch had the symbiote-like suit and cape though.


Nah, IIRC it is a Spawn ripoff… Well the Nightwatch persona at least, I think the guy had another alterego before that… anyways… I doubt Marvel is truly planning on a Spawn ripoff movie. They got literally better shit to do :smile: