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'Nuff said.


I thought it was ironic. And then I thought of you :wink:


Don’t tell me. Show me. :wink:


@RonnieM 's favourite movie:


The wonderful endless weekend loophole that really the BFI should close as it is getting silly. If the holidays are the motive they could just open it the previous Friday. They want the artificially inflated ‘opening weekend’ numbers.


‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Is Being Set Up To Fail


A bit of an overreaction, but he has a point about the fantastical being much more accepted and they should see the potential in it. Overall though, a lot of the enjoyment I get out of the main X-films is the balancing act they do with making things more grounded but also keeping in elements of corniness.


No great surprise. I’m sure they’ll want the same team for the sequel after the success of the first movie.


There was fair few of them, I hope they all come back. Fun fact: Dr. Sweets from Bones was one of them.


Are any US posters planning to go see Inhumans in IMAX this weekend? Do we need a spoiler thread?


No-one is going.


That’s one hot spoiler.


I am going to read every spoiler I can get my hands on. If Black Bolt flies, I’ll go see it in IMAX. If Black Bolt doesn’t fly, I can’t be bothered to take the hit. :slight_smile:


I have a horrible feeling there will be a whole lot of standing around and talking.



I had heard that despite the fact it’s supposed to screen like a movie, they still have ‘previously’ flashbacks halfway through…


Good to see that happening, though. I for one certainly want another Spider-movie by the same team.



re: Jessica Jones

That, more than any other example I can think of, shows up the difference between TV and comics and the difference scripting makes. As Alias is dark but has far more humour, with Jones not being as harsh as her TV counterpart. Combined with the some of the humour and the comic is far lighter than the TV, with the reader getting things from Jones’ viewpoint. TV can’t really do that, so the character comes across very differently.


Looks like the first reviews are in for inhumans.
They are, unsurprisingly, not good.