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Though I think the consensus here is already pretty clear, I for one loved Jessica jones S1. The punisher arc in DD season 2 is pretty great, too. The first big problem marvel Netflix tv has had is the hand. No wonder then that iron fist and the defenders are crap, then. The second problem, if you ask me, is that the casting has gotten progressively worse. Mike colter seemed good in his limited role as Cage in Jessica jones, but in his own series and much of the defenders, he acts about as well as a turkey ham, and Danny’s not much different. Of course, the writing has also become horrid for the most part, and I think the defenders takes the cake for worst director. After I slog through the last two episodes of defenders, I will not be watching any marvel Netflix again unless the reviews are glowing.


Am I missing something? Nothing in that description suggests that the character is an antagonist.


She’s brusque and misanthropic, and probably wouldn’t be a nice person to know in real life but that needn’t be a deterring factor.

For what it’s worth @Todd I only watched DDS1 and JJ - as others have said they were longer than they needed to be (10 episodes max, please Marvel!), but were decent. Kingpin elevates DD but Jessica Jones has a more consistent tone and better performances (Foggy and Karen are pretty poor), so I’d rank them equally.

I’ve heard that the start of Defenders neatly sums up who the characters are so I’m prepared to give it a go without having watched DDS2, Luke Cage or Iron Fist.


Absolutely. After all this time and all those episodes it still isn’t terribly clear what they are meant to be Worse, whatever it is is nothing interesting. They’re first presented as some organised crime syndicate, then they segue into some sort of ninja army, then in Iron Fist they’re running a boarding school for underprivileged children, then by Defenders they’re cosplaying Highlander only without the costumes. It’s rather baffling and not at all cohesive enough for the big bad across all these shows.

I do hope Netflix will be more fluid with what they produce going forward. Just doing another round of sequel series to build up Defenders 2 will be very tedious. Fair enough if they want to do Daredevil 3 and Jessica Jones 2 but beyond that surely the real interest must lie in a Luke Cage & Iron Fist team-up and a Daughters of the Dragon show. Heck, they could even go down the anthology route and try their hand at a Marvel Team-Up show to test out new characters. Just like in the comics world, not everything needs to be about building towards the next big crossover event.



That’s not why. I won’t rehash everything I moaned about in the JJ thread but there has to be something to make a character like that relatable, and her personal trauma was deep and tragic, but it lead to her being someone who made all the situations she got involved in worse.

She wasn’t just unpleasant, she wasn’t even just self-destructive, she was a grenade going off in every room she entered and she was totally arrogant and entitled about doing it.

So to those who enjoy the show, continue to do so!

I didn’t.


I think the high points in Defenders was episodes 3 and 4 - everything after that got more and more disappointing.


I think they’re all worth watching, though they are highly variable.

Personal rating is: Daredevil series 2 > Jessica Jones > Daredevil series 1 > Defenders > Luke Cage > Iron Fist.

The pros:

Pretty much everyone is well cast. Finn Jones is the only disappointment (and really, he’s not all that bad, it’s just the Iron Fist didn’t come together properly), all of the other principal characters inhabit their roles excellently. The supporting cast is frequently fantastic, especially The Kingpin in Daredevil, Jeri Hogarth and Trish Walker (the MCU equivalents of Jeryn Hogarth and Patsy Walker in the comics) in Jessica Jones, Cottonmouth and Mariah in Luke Cage, and Colleen Wing and Grant and Ward Mitchum in Iron Fist.

The shows do a great job of being distinct, but still having some links back to the greater MCU. Some of it is really minor, like Hell’s Kitchen takes an economic downturn due to the devastation of the alien attach in The Avengers, or kids are seen playing in Cap and Hulk costumes in Jessica Jones. But there’s nice links to Agents of SHIELD, where a biker gang shows up there and in Daredevil, and the same special bullets used to try and assasinate Director Mace in one episode show up in Luke Cage as well.

That distinct nature of the shows appears in different ways - They’re all shot and lit differently, and have different core themes. Daredevil is quite violent and dark and nihilistic; while Jessica Jones is about PTSD and abusive relationships; Luke Cage is about the tribulations that can befall communities; and Iron Fist… has kung fu. (and some stuff about dynasty and legacy). The Defenders has a nice visual trick early on where each character’s scenes is shot in their own show’s specific style and colour palette before they meet up.

The cons:
Every last one of the shows has pacing issues. Defenders does best of all because of the shorter episode count, but there’s still a bit of drag. Daredevil series 2 is in my top slot because it has two distinct story arcs and balances them well.

There’s some really ropey stuff in there. A lot of people single out Karen Page’s voiceover at the end of Daredevil series 2, and it’s pretty bad - but there’s similar moments that threaten to turn you off in each series. Go in with an open mind to the cringe.

Overall, when the shows are good, they’re rivalling Agent Carter Series 1 and the best of Agents of SHIELD - and they never sink to the depths of AoS’s worst moments. They’re perfectly enjoyable genre TV, but they’re no Twin Peaks or Sense8 or The Expanse.


Ah, I hadn’t picked up on that.


I can’t remember if they’re specfically called Judas bullets in AoS, but they work the same way and use the same effect as seen in Luke Cage.

Also, Diamondback’s strength augmentation gear is clearly based on the same tech Crossbones uses in Civil War


I liked Ghost Rider doing a sling ring effect from Dr Strange with his chain at the end of Agents of SHIELD s4.


And they fixed their logo in the meantime!

“Hmmm, does anyone else think that looks like a pig?”

“Much better.”


It’s a very good assesment… until that last paragraph :smile: (though I agree the Expanse is one of the best shows atm).


Haaa! I never noticed that… that AoS costume designer fail is quite funny… but hey, who knows maybe the residents of the MCU Nevada keep wild boars as pets… stranger things have happened :stuck_out_tongue:


Defenders has my second favourite Marvel TV moment (after the corridor fight in DD S1). Jessica Jones throws a van at Elektra and then gives her a dirty look …Well it made me smile.

And I would add that I think that the villains in DD S1, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are probably amongst the most well drawn in the MCU (Loki excepted). David Tennant was great. I may have qualms about the storyline, but I thought that he was brilliant.


I liked that the first Ghostrider is clearly meant to be Nicholas Cage’s version.


No need to qualify it as an opinion, this is fact!


Thor: Ragnarok is now due out in the UK on 24 October (a Tuesday), to capitalise on the half-term holidays.


@RonnieM wouldn’t read that comic, it has too many words. And a caption that explains what’s happening in the art, no less. The horror!


Do you not find it cumbersome that it says “no more words are necessary” in a panel where exactly what is happening is being describe in that box? :wink: