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Misty and Danny hooked up too?!?


They’re a long running couple in the comics. They’ve been together on and off for over thirty years.


That’s a corner of the Marvel Universe I really don’t have much experience with.



They can rebuild her. They have the technology.


I’d welcome it in the show because right now Colleen and Danny don’t feel like they have any romantic chemistry at all. It almost feels awkward when they kiss.


It feels like every other relationship Danny has on the show where the other person is pulling all the weight. :wink:


I’m shipping for Danny & Cage.


Danny and Karen would be hilarious. Of course, at some point Claire would need to have The Talk with them.


Question for the group:

I have not seen any of the Netflix Marvel series. I do enjoy Agents of SHIELD (which has improved with every season) and like Agent Carter (RIP).

Are they worth the time investment? Is watching the first episode of each series going to give me a fair sample of the whole series? Do I need to watch a couple more to get a better feel? I know Iron Fist has been dogged to death.

Just looking for some guidance.


Not really. While they have their bright spots, such as Daredevil Season 1, I say that season and Luke Cage are the most solid as singular stories. Although I feel that Luke Cage was boring as hell.

Jessica Jones’ plot fell apart hard, and Iron Fist is just a mess. So yeah, DD S1 and Luke Cage. Not worth the investment in “Defenders” though.


The first season of Daredevil was great and certainly worth a watch, even if you don’t bother with the rest. It is considerably more violent than Agents of SHIELD, however, so be warned. The violence somewhat diminishes and becomes more comic-booky as the shows progress.

Jessica Jones starts off very strong but the story is dragged out for too long, so overall it is just okay. The character comes with a lot of heavy psychological and emotional baggage and the show does not shy away from that.

Daredevil season two seems fairly divisive. I thought it was a massive letdown from the first season and saw Netflix Marvel settle for mediocrity rather than aiming for greatness, as the generic comic book tropes and some pretty woeful writing crop up. Others enjoyed it.

Luke Cage is pretty much universally regarded as being quite good for about the first half of the series and then inane drivel for the second half.

I can’t say anything more about Iron Fist. It’s like kicking a puppy at this point.

I’m not sure Defenders would make much sense unless you’ve seen at least the Daredevil and Iron Fist shows.

So, I would recommend going for Daredevil season one to start and then check out the first episodes of the other shows. It doesn’t really matter that much which order you might watch the rest of them in.


I’ve enjoyed them all to varying degrees, even Iron Fist. The strength in the series are the side characters and in some cases the environments themselves.

Defenders, Luke Cage and Daredevil season one are my favorites, followed by Jessica Jones, DD Season 2, and Iron Fist.


I know the Netflix Marvel series have a lot of detractors, and I do generally agree they’d work a bit better as 10 episode season than 13, I’ve also enjoyed them all. Haven’t finished Defenders yet, though.


Daredevil season 1 is worth it. Nothing else is.


Kicking a puppy would have better fight choreography :wink:


Daredevil 1 is worth a look, it has all the flaws of the other shows - a plot racked to 13 eps when shorter would have been better, bloody violence sequences out of nowhere, but the main characters are well casted.

Watched about 4-5 eps of Jessica Jones, but didn’t feel pulled back to it.

Saw ep 1 of Cage, didn’t like it - though Luke is perfect as Colter.


I started to formulate an answer. I’m certain I had some good recommendations, but then I read the other replies.

Right now I’m too upset about the non-existent puppy. :sob:
What is wrong with you people?

NON-EXIST-ENT! I can at least recommend Twin Peaks.

I’m also finally in the right frame of mind to watch the remainder of Jessica Jones.


I’m waiting for the next series of ‘Daredevil’, beyond that…

Disliked Jessica as a person enough to be wary of future stories she’s in, was bored by Iron Fist well before Danny could really annoy me too much, Luke Cage works entirely because it’s cast was so good and, as a result, I still haven’t watched ‘Defenders’.

I’m on the fence about ‘Punisher’. Frank can be fascinating as a supporting character, but I never got into his solo stories.


Well I do think DD1 is a must… but just know it goes generally downhill from there… although the first half of DD2 is pretty good as well… however, yeah it’s rather violent in places.