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It’s easy enough to forget. Wasp isn’t pink and doesn’t wear a wee hat.


If this were a question on Pyramid, I would honestly lose that lightning round.


If she’s such a big Kirby fan then she should name five of his albums.


There’s an easy way to check if any given character is a Kirby creation:

Published by Marvel or DC?
Yes ----> Kirby creation :+1:
No ------> Who the hell cares then? :confused:


I thought it was:
Stan Lee claims credit ===> created by Kirby


Wait, who is this John Kirby guy again?


He did cover paintings for a bunch of Discworld novels.


No, that was Josh Adams, son of Neal Adams.



Death’s Head!


Taskmaster isn’t a hero… a very principled villain, but not a hero, lol!!


I love Taskmaster. He’s a hero in my eyes.

So’s he, yes?



I really didn’t understand the loss of limb bit. Is that something from the comics?




Thanks. It seemed an odd, kind of out of nowhere thing. So I assumed it must have some basis. I’m just not hugely familiar with the character.



IIRC, Misty had a robot arm before there was a Winter Soldier.

I “think” she was one of the first, and around the time of Cyborg and such.


When I was introduced to Power Man and Iron Fist comics in fifth grade… oh shit that was in 1983, way too long ago to be referencing… Misty’s bionic arm was a Stark product and indistinguishable from her other arm visually. Over time, I guess the chrome thing has become ascendant as the comics presentation of cyberlimbs and it’s really obvious now.


I still don’t see this Misty and this Danny falling for each other tho… =P