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I saw that last night for the first time - and honestly, it’s all down to the guy utterly selling it.
If it was a boring actor in the suit, it’d look worse. But he’s eating the scenery so, hell yeah…who cares how he looks?



It’s amazing. That movie got more things right than all three of the big budget films put together.




Let him, just get someone else to write it.




There’s a person who knows what she’s about! Brava!

And Happy 100th, Jack!


10/10 in sucking up to comic fans. Nicely done.


That’s okay. I take it she is still running from the Tolkien fans.


Nope. She wrote a lovely illustrated children’s book and has written her own comic book character. She’s a genre fan whatever that means. As far as I recall she asked for Ant-Man comics to prep for her role and they didn’t relate to the characters involved at all.


Nice little teaser thingy, even without any actual footage. The atmosphere here is a good one for this show to aim for.


If I recall, they gave her the Kirkman Irredeemable Ant-Man books and she asked them why they hadn’t given her something with Scott Lang in it.


It’s hard to tell really. With some the PR teams feed them the fanboy talking points, with some others they do genuinely read and follow them.

In this case I suspect knowing Jack Kirby’s birthday was fed, you need to be quite a high level geek to be up on that.


I found out on Facebook. :wink:


Facebook full of geek friends. :wink:


Is there another kind? :astonished:


But I knew it was Jack Kirby’s birthday. :confused:

Hang on. I know what this is really all about. I’ve just remembered she said something about DC movies taking themselves too seriously. I guess David didn’t warn her about Man of Steel syndrome.


Honestly, I had just forgotten that Wasp was a Kirby creation.