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I love Speedball.


Speedball will be appearing in the upcoming New Warriors series on Freeform. With this guy playing him:



One more for the out of context quotes file


I love Speedball in any context.




Channing Tatum has given an update on Gambit, effectively confirming that they’ve scrapped previous plans for the movie and have gone back to the drawing board.


I wonder if he was ever one of the people who complain that Hollywood wastes money and that they should just write it and shoot it and is that really so hard?

Because he’s really not one of those people now.


It’s Bleeding Cool, so grain of salt, but they’re claiming the Fantastic Four kids movie Fox are developing is actually a rework of Millar and Curtis Tiegs’ unpublished Kindergarten Heroes:


Now, Did I not just read Kindergarten Heroes was part of the NetFlix package?


I don’t think anyone outside the deal knows what’s included. KH had a film deal already, so it probably wasn’t.


Fantastic Four kids movie?


Yeah, apparently Seth-Grahame Smith is writing it. Nothing official announced though.


Quite a few MW properties have had film deals announced in the past. I wonder if some of them have lapsed in the meantime.


Jim mentioned this a week or so back:

Everything has been optioned except Empress and MPH. Some options are old and may expire soon if the studio doesn’t move forwards on a production.


Yeah, there’s been reports on all the Millar properties being optioned over the last few years. I can’t comment on what’s happened on those with the Netflix deal, just that the MPH option had freed up and Empress wasn’t finalized.

As for Rich I guess he makes his living on speculation articles. He can’t really be shocked that folks won’t answer him considering how he conducts himself.


Hopefully this whole Netflix deal will embolden those who have the rights for the various properties to get on with development or face a very real chance of losing the property and it becoming yet another feather in Netflix’s cap.


Another reason I stick with Variety and HR.


Maybe it will lead to Millarworld versions of the 1994 Fantastic Four movie?

EDIT: How is this still the best looking Dr. Doom we’ve gotten on screen?!?