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Hawkeye was more of cameo kind of appearance in Thor, anyway. Completely agree that Black Widow was a major part of Iron Man 2 and that she’s a major character in her own right.

Just one they still haven’t given her own movie, the idiots.


Just finishing Iron Fist tonight. Jesus, Danny is a tosspot. Claire Temple is the real hero of this series.


Yes, but Claire Temple and her glowy fist, Kung Fu buddy would have been a much longer title.


I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but I think that’s what they’ve been building towards since Avengers, to be able to use “guest stars” much like comics do on a frequent basis… That’s sort of the point of having a “shared universe” I reckon, and why actors’ contracts seem to cover multiple movies/appearances these days.


If nothing else Defenders is going to be worth watching for Weaver as the villain. Though it does look like the producers picked up that people weren’t going to like Danny since he’s been shit on in every trailer so far.


I’ve only just started watching Iron Fist. I don’t really get the immense dislike for it. It’s not great, but I’ve been entertained. Yeah, Danny is kind of douchey/immature. But I just kind of view him as a guy who never really learned how to grow up since he spent his childhood in a very strange place/manner. He doesn’t know how to have normal interactions with normal(ish) people.

Maybe I’ll feel differently by the end, though. That said, Colleen is pretty cool.




There’s a difference between not understanding something, and understanding it but disliking it anyway.

Danny has perfectly good reasons for being a bit of a dick, but that’s why he’s a bit of a dick.

I also couldn’t get into the story.

I still hope I’m going to like ‘The Defenders’ though.


I think that that might actually make him likeable in Defenders, though. Not being shit on, but the reason for it - he’s the only character who isn’t cynical and world-weary but sincere. That could work well for him.


I don’t think this was intentional though. I think we’re meant to be sympathetic to Danny. It wasn’t until the last couple episodes that I realized that they were trying to portray him as having PTSD. It didn’t work and he just seemed like a spoiled brat who had meltdowns every time someone challenged his worldview.


That’s how I felt going into it though. I thought “well, I doubt Danny’s that bad” and the first couple of episodes are bearable, while not brilliant. But there’s just so much of Danny being whiny and mopey and self-entitled and angry that it wears you down. It’s like Spider-Man without any of the fun stuff that balances out Peter’s guilt complex, or an adaptation of a LiveJournal account.


Yeah, I might feel the same by the end of it too. We shall see.


Wow no Defenders thread??? Disappointed…

Expect that to change once I wake up… Just binged the hell out of it and need my beauty sleep =P


Look harder my friend.


oh… eh I really should go sleep xD



This is apparently the after credits scene from the last episode of Defenders.


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