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It’s definitely worth going to. Felt very different to the other MCU movies. I liked it a lot, and it was the first of teh MCU films I was happy to take my son to, which was great.


But I hope they frame all his scenes so they never show his feet.

With a film like Deadpool, I could honestly see that happening :smiley:


Which is unfortunate cause I like the idea of it as a spinoff but I think the overall direction is wrong


Captain Marvel concept art:


Very reminiscent of the mcu captain america






German spelling.

You know, I think in the begining of this trailer, Danny almost seems fun. Demonstrates what they should’ve done to make him work instead of what they did, in the the Iron Fist series.


I liked the shot of Danny punching Elektra’s sword at the end.


Also, the AV club did an advance review of episodes 1-4


Damn it’s out this friday… I was not aware we were already the 14th… wow it sucks being old and time flying by =(


Yay! I have my weekend plans!


Awful news.


Saw that on TMZ. No details other than it was a bike stunt.


Even with all the developments in technology over the year stunts remain dangerous, the people involved earn every penny they get.

Such sad news. :frowning:


Not Marvel exactly but Black Widow and Elektra stunt doubles put together a fight video.


Nick Fury isn’t in Avengers 3, 4, or Black Panther and Samuel L Jackson is not happy about it


I’m surprised Fury won’t be in either Avengers 3 or 4. I was expecting to see him in at least one of those movies.


They should bring back the David Hasselhoff version instead. We already know Marvel has his number.