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Huh. I’ve ignored the Gifted trailers up to now and only just saw the SDCC one. Hadn’t realised before that this show has Illyria and Vampire Bill. Neat.

I also hadn’t realised they were using established X-characters and not just those new kids. Polaris, Blink and Thunderbird all look pretty cool.

Seems like this could actually be good.


Kiera was robbed.


The early reactions from critics are pretty positive, especially compared to Inhumans.


I hadn’t realised this was Sam Nix, either, and that also bodes well. Burn Notice was a very good show for a very long time.


He looks teeny-tiny. Is he teeny-tiny? And why the alt-right hair-do?

David Harbour was a better pick.


He’s busy being Hellboy now.


Brolin was busy being Thanos…


No one was going to be better than Kyle Chandler.
They missed their chance.


It’s interesting that they’re filming Avengers 4 at the same time he’s doing Deadpool 2.

Is it possible Thanos’s storyline gets wrapped up in Avengers 3?


Yes…but apparently not too busy :smile:


It’s far more likely that Thanos is taking up less time than Cable. Thanos will come in, kick ass, and then go away again while the heroes then fill the screentime.

Cable will be more of a co-starring role.


They’ll just get Andy Serkis to do mocap. Brolin will come in and record the voice later.


He looks like a teddy bear. He’s no Cable.


So Cable would carry him?


Cable and X-Man.

I’d watch it.


Did someone in this thread mention one of the great thespians of our time?

(I watched this whole episode at some point and Mark Wahlberg could not have been more bored)


Why do they keep cutting to his face when it’s so lifeless?


Are Marvel and Fox playing nice on this one? I saw an add for The Gifted on Marvel’s Instagram feed.