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I guess Marvel was due a huge misstep at some point. Sure they’ve had some less than stellar movies and TV shows over the years, but they’re due a complete and utter failure by now. Inhumans just might be that. Which sucks, because there was plenty of promise in that as a franchise.


I can see people watching into the premiere (on TV, not IMAX) to see how bad the show really is and dropping it.

Unless the show turns out to be spectacularly great, I think it will be one season and done.




And yet…


DAMN YOU DAVE! From hells teeth I curse you!


eh… I don’t know… he’s lacking some serious muscle… and some serious massive shoulder pads :smile:

But he looks like Cable, and that BFG fits the bill nicely. So, good overall.


Hardly surprising… this has been a train-wreck for a while. Too bad… it had promise. At this point it’ll be a miracle if it’s decent.

Also, I wonder if this might spell trouble for Loeb… probably not, but according to all those accounts his performance was less than stellar…


So, we’re now in a world where Deadpool 2 has Cable and Domino in it, with pics to prove it.

This is bloody cool.


Cable and Domino look perfect. This movie is going to be great.


Talking about bad things in the Inhumans trailer already is flogging a dead horse, but… can I just say that I didn’t think her CGI hair was the worst thing about Medusa? The actress is completely wrong for this role.


That does look just right. Love the teddy bear.

Domino also looks great, although this is a bit of a tough one for me because I always liked the way she looks in the comics.



What’s the significance of Cable’s teddy bear?


I think it’s supposed to be Hope’s teddy bear… probably just an easter egg/wink tho, as I don’t think they’ll go anywhere near Hope.


So you’re saying the sequel is completely Hopeless? :wink:




Sentinel Services?! :smile::smile::smile:


Stealth weaponry - think Hit-Girl’s teddy to the nth degree.