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I member.

I miss my friend.


Will you do me the honour of the first dance, Anders?

We can run all night and dance upon the architecture.


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Make my night Marvel(ous).

I am masterful at keeping to the thread at hand. :slight_smile:

Gotta stay on target!


War Machine is the worst hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


I see your homage and raise you reality. :slight_smile:


I saw the Guardians video and I thought, isn’t it a bit more 70’s than 80’s?

But the decades aren’t neatly divided like that.


They need to hurry up and finish then…


Sure, that’s definitely the reason.


Little minor topic related to CA:CW:


So looking forward to a live action Cable. Brolin is so perfect.


Definitely looks like he could be Marsden and Janssen’s kid


no to decide weather i cosplay him for Halloween this year or wait till after the movie comes out so more than 2 people know what I’m up to!


Is there any actor more fitting for the role?


Brian Blessed?


No, he’s either Hercules or Volstagg.


Pretty sure this is official since Brolin posted it.


I saw the trailer on an Imax screen today. It looked ‘okay’ to be honest, not much of it was worthy of the treatment apart from a wide landscape shot but not bad either considering a TV budget.


Fassbender would be cool (as seen in Alien Covenant, he’s got the Doombot down to perfection), but he’s already done Magneto.

Iwan Rheon would be cool, but he’s already (perfectly) cast as Maximus the Mad.

Mads is a good choice, no doubt about it.


At this point how badly Inhumans is going is starting to get entertaining.