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Ah, but the difference between dated and timeless is thin, or maybe even nonexistent, at best.


Expect this question to be raised again in 2022


You and I will all be dead by then. Better sticky it for the young guns of the future.


Only if my head comes away from my neck.

Shit, I’ve said too much.


Or mine. There can be only one, Nagle.


Thankfully, as a Discordian I can declare pretty much anything to be holy ground.


I declare Lorcan holy ground.

You will now become the subject of pilgrimage.


That suggests I wasn’t an object of pilgrimage before


I thought you meant you were a Legoman, although they don’t really have much of a neck, so I’m not sure why I came to that conclusion.




Holy moly. I’m not pilgrimaging anywhere near whatever the hell that is.

Anyway, why isn’t Anders worshiping me? No fair.


You haven’t ascended yet, you remain empress only.


better question is: why would you want that? :smile:




I am polyreligious.

How would you like to be worshipped?

Is there… “communion”? :innocent:


There is but one form accepted - kneel.


Remember when we used to spend all our time taking about puppies? I miss those days. Everything was so much less awkward and innuendo ridden back then :wink:




Empress? Me? Nah. Not unless I get a spaceship to go with the title or maybe a dragon. But not a corgi. :cry:

Heavy weighs the crown and all that. I’d want to serve everyone more than cake; banquets and midnight feasts for all, which isn’t feasible, so then I’d be sad (in a non-Trump way, I hasten to add).

There is, however, a Stone Roses song that comes to mind.

Ah, behave yourself, Anders. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. You’re more worthy of the crown than I. :kissing_heart:


I accept. As my first point of order…

Can’t have discordianism without…