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Oh then you’re still wrong. Her hair is much longer in the cover you posted than she’s typically drawn with now.


yeah ok :rolling_eyes:


The actress looks cool and I’m sure she’ll be fun, but I do like the original Domino design and think it would have worked better onscreen. The X properties have gone out of the way to normalize most character designs, but when they didn’t like with Mystique, Nightcrawler and Beast those characters were stand outs. I think in almost every situation the original character design is the best one. There’s a reason it’s worked so well in the comics.

It’s a shame that we had so maybe Jackman movies and never got a proper Wolverine in costume sequence.


That was Copycat posing as Domino in the very early issues of X-Force. :wink:


That’s a good point.

Race aside, it’s just a very evocative design for a character. Which is why what they did could have been more stylistic than what the promo images have shown. Kinda feels like a half measure.


I’ve no issue with what they’ve gone with, but a black mark on unnaturally chalk white skin is much more visually distinctive than a white mark on a natural black skin tone, I agree. Probably a hell of a lot easier to consistently achieve the latter on a sensible budget though.



They can’t because they would have to make it in conjunction with paramount.


The article pretty much covers that upfront:

The movie rights for the Hulk aren’t exactly ordinary. As it’s now understood, Universal and Disney co-own the rights, with Universal’s approval needed for Marvel to make a Hulk standalone film. But Marvel can put Hulk into a movie where he isn’t the top-billed name


I have to speak up for Rory here; I didn’t expect anyone to actually read the article since most of them are click bait.


Then better to just ignore it than assume what’s in it and criticise uninformed.

Headlines now are clickbait across all media, it’s the price we pay for how articles are measured by views. In an old newspaper world they had to guess at whether the great investigation sold the issue or the celebrity gossip column. We now know it’s the latter.


Fair enough. I also misread the text and thought it was saying they should do a Hulk feature in Phase 4, when it’s common knowledge that they can’t.



This is a Cheat Sheet article so take with a grain of salt:



Immediate classic



A masterpiece! Pinnacle of human achievement! NASA should transmit this to the hundred closest star systems in the universe!


Oh don’t worry, we’re already transmitting pretty much everything into space.

Of course, it’ll take almost 5 years to get to even the closest solar system, by which time it’ll be terribly dated…


That video is timeless.