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He was in the IDF in the Six Day War. If you want to read a great book about how bad ass the IDF were (still are) in the Six Day War, check out Steven Pressfield’s “The Lion’s Gate.”


To clarify, that’s Ike Perlmutter, not Jeph Loeb.


Well, Jeph Loeb did write Commando. And you know what they say about writing what you know… :wink:

Also, Jeph Loeb may have been a teenage werewolf.


If only there were some kind of portmanteau word to summarise that concept.


GRR Martin’s editor-led WILD CARDS series could be that.

I was really into those books back when they first appeared. Certainly fed into the same vibe as WATCHMEN though obviously not as compact.


I know just what you mean…



Oops. Replied to the wrong post.


I love Pressfield. Will definitely give that a shot.


The father of all Marvel TV shows, ABC, Disney and Netflix is Loeb.

Marvel have really gone poorly on the TV side, compared to the movies. There’s a really stark difference. It’s a shame, but it also reinforces just how lucky we are with the Marvel movies.


I have bits of it. I remember first time I looked down at my chest and saw to completely white patches of skin, I had to wonder if I’d been drunk-frying bacon shirtless.

I hadn’t… I’ve been baking my bacon for years. I have light patches on my hands and feet too.


Yep, that’s who I was referring to.


I should hope so. Jeph Loeb was just in Delta Force with a secondment to MI6.


Legion is far and away the best Marvel show but that has more to do with Fox and FX Networks having a strong influence and letting Noah Hawley do great television like he has done with Fargo. Loeb is an EP but I think that is because it’s a Marvel property on TV. I don’t think he has any real influence.


I was more clarifying for the post or two above you, all good :smiley:


He probably has a say on anything that conflicts with Marvel’s rights to crossover characters.

But we’ve heard, in the past, that there is communication between the license holders and Marvel. They do inform each other of at least some of what they’re doing.

I still assume that Hawley is the reason ‘Legion’ turned out so well.


She’s usually dressed head to toes in black leather… also, no:

I said I was fine with her, she’s smoking hot and looks okay… I was just pointing out the irony in the changes considering how much they’ve made an issue of it (the DP guys, particularly Reynolds).


I’m fine with it since they just kept the overall idea…but the color around the eye should be whiter honestly.


yeah, and like the whole eye area as well, it looks weird they left a little bit around the eye… but maybe it didn’t look too good… I’m gonna give em the benefit of the doubt and assume they did tests =P

Still… a bit of a shame, Domino’s main feature is her abnormally white skin and the black eye patch, but yeah sure, I don’t mind the look. It helps that the girl is, again, REALLY hot :smile:


Except for yes:


Sure, she’s had long hair BUT when she was originally introduced, which is what I replied to, she had short hair…