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Another pic from Instagram.


I take it they are basing her eye on Winnie Harlow?

I haven’t read anything but looks that way from this picture.

I’d love Domino no matter who was playing her I’ll admit, but that is one very attractive lady they’ve cast.


I’m not sure she’s based on anyone in particular but it looks like they’re using vitiligo to explain the face marking.

(Vitiligo is not that uncommon, I have it for example. It is much more noticeable if you have dark skin though.)

One interesting aspect of it is that vitiligo often causes the hair in affected areas to turn white, which doesn’t appear to be the case for the character based on her eyebrow in that photo. Maybe it just wouldn’t work for the look.


It would be even more striking, but they’ve got a great look for her there. I’m sure Deadpool will make many inappropriate comments.



Yeah, the look really works, especially in that second photo. The eye design is really striking, it’s the first thing you notice about her (which is impressive given the rest of the photo).


Wow, that’s… lucky. :smile: :wink:

It’s a pretty neat idea if it is the case. I did love that black-eye, goth look but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, there’s plenty of room for multiple Dominos in my fantasie… er, I mean …in the world.


I gotta say, that chick is smoking hot and looks alright… BUT, it’s rather ironic, that for a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie, of any possible movie, they’re straying SOOOO far away from Domino’s actual design, which is short straight hair, pasty white skin and a black eye patch… an more leathery clothes =/

I mean, I’m torn, cause she certainly looks good… buuut… kinda doesn’t look like Domino… :smile:


What do you mean? She’s wearing leathery clothes.


Yes, she looks pretty much exactly like you’d expect Domino to look if cast as a black woman instead of a white-skinned character.

I think the design is fine - I don’t know Domino particularly well, but I don’t know of any reason why switching her race would be problematic from a character standpoint.


Also I’m pretty sure she had long hair when she was originally introduced. Or at least longer hair than she typically drawn with now.


I’ve spent most of my life being head over heels in love with comic book Domino, so if I can deal with it, you can… :wink:

But if she ends up with Colossus again in this, it’s over. For good this time.


Even superhero universes have hairdressers.




Yes, they do…



I hope they give him some extra bonus, that line is the highlight of the trailer. :smile:


jessicachastainHey @jamesmcavoyrealdeal you ready for me up in Montreal? Im gonna make you cry so hard :smiling_imp: #xmen @simondavidkinberg


Good luck with that. He’s ex-Mossad or something like that isn’t he?


Jeph Loeb?