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It was one of the first comic books my mom ever bought me. It was one of those giant magazine-sized reprints they used to sell in grocery stores and it was the Hulk vs the Inhumans.

Black Bolt’s look and costume punched so many buttons in my head. The lack of obvious boots reminded me of Space Ghost; the nearly uniform black was unheard of at the time (bat man was still in grey with only black boots and a cape); I was sensitized to the antenna because of “The Space Giants” (Goldar, Silvar, and Gam shot energy bolts from their antenna); and he could fly… that was the most important thing. He wasn’t drawn in traditional flight poses either, I really liked those kinds of wings, although I may have seen them first in the Spider Woman cartoon.

In many ways, Black Bolt was the ultimate visual amalgamation of what my tastes wanted in a superhero at the time. I had no idea about the wider Marvel Universe at the time, but I read that magazine to tatters trying to draw Black Bolt and cutting out wing shapes and gluing them to my action figures.


I used to love that show when I was a kid!



I don’t see it being too much of an issue since the movies don’t really give a damn about the TV shows.


It’s like two different Quicksilvers…

Except it’s the same company doing both in this case.


Oh well, DC TV and Movies have two different actors playing Superman!


And two Flashes…

Also, it seems Marvel TV & Marvel Movies still aren’t playing together, so I’m not really surprised. Is it still Perlmutter who’s in charge of the TV division? Whoever is, they should just get replaced…


Or maybe it’s not meant to be the same character at all and they just happen to share a name (like the two Cameron Kleins from Agents of SHIELD and Winter Soldier/Age of Ultron), and the whole thing is a complete non-story.


He’s still there but I have no idea what his day to day involvement is? Since he doesn’t give interviews it could be hard to pin down.


As far as I can gather Perlmutter is a very rich old man who pokes his nose in every now and again. Jeph Loeb is really in charge of what the actual content is. He eventually lines up to Ike but when you get to a decision about a supporting character in Luke Cage that’s not the domain of the CEO and Chairman.


Then Jeph Loeb should definitely be fired for letting the movies and TV shows have two different minor characters who happen to share a name. Bring back the death penalty, I say.


Perlmutter is never getting replaced, he’s not a normal employee, he’s a major stockholder that Disney made agreements with or they wouldn’t own the company. He’s 74 years old.

If as has been reported he went into some strop about FF and X-Men comics, I can see that being true because of the crappy deals they signed with Fox, he’s still only been partially successful in controlling any of it.


Not before they fire and kill him for having Alfre Woodard play two different people in the MCU as well. Or having two actors playing Rhodey.


Twins and plastic surgery. #retcon


If we can come up with a plausible rationale, do we get a No Prize?


hum, no they should get fired for the complete crap that has been AoS… and it’s looking more and more Inhumans will also be… not because they used the same minor characters… d’uh! u_u


And Laura Haddock, she’s turned up twice. And Enver Gjokaj. And Matt Gerald. And Tony Curran.

That bloody Stan Lee never seems to be able to stay in-character either.


Actually that’s not true, he’s always just Stan Lee, isn’t he?


Tony called him Heff in Iron Man, at least suggesting he was playing Hugh Hefner. And if we go outside the MCU, he played Willie Lumpkin in Fantastic Four.


Andy Serkis and Andrew Serkis?


Oh, he’s always a different character, but those different characters are always just Stan Lee. :slight_smile: