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Oh God, I do hope so!


I’m concerned that they won’t do Skurge’s story properly. It needs a fair bit of build up and backstory development, and as a minor character in a short film that’s just not going to happen :frowning:


Well, they haven’t introduced the Enchantress into the movies yet either, have they?

I’m sure Karl Urban will do his best in it…and all of the Taika Wahiti movies I have seen have characters doing a lot with only a little bit of screentime.


Really? Why? I would think it would be cool that they even included him. Before this, I didn’t even know he existed.


I have a very secret source who may have seen large chunks of Ragnarok and may have intimated you won’t be disappointed by Urban as Skurge.


Oooh. I bet it’s because Urban Skurge has a Whedonworthy marvellous moustache!


Whoops, I’m sorry about this post. I meant to find a photo of a Thor actor with a mustache and accidentally posted a photo of myself with a mustache a few years back.

This is what I meant to post:


Are we seriously going to ignore the finest moustache in the MCU?

That’s my Superman.


Neal McDonagh would be great as Big Ben if they ever do a Miracleman movie.


So this is a more current picture of you?


That’s fair, and it is cool they even thought about him. And if they were just introducing him so we get to know him before making him the focus of Thor 4, that would be super cool. But the images of him they’ve released for this movie are (deliberately and unambiguously) from the Skurge story, Simonson’s iconic, character-defining one, and when they (inevitably) don’t deliver on that promise, I’m going to feel a bit cheated.


Weren’t you going to feel cheated anyway? At least now you know the reason ahead of time. :wink:


Ok I take it back :slight_smile:




You know, I can tell I’ve been on the Internet for too long when I’m finding myself thinking there must be a legion of Thor/Skurge shippers out there :expressionless:



Is the story in question Mighty Thor #360-362 or does it extend beyond that?


I don’t know if I’m the only person who has thought this, but I have always thought the Thor movies have been more influenced by Walt Simonson’s run than by anything else.

This one seems to have a large dollop of Planet Hulk as well obviously.


As I recall it’s three issues, and those numbers sound about right.

It’s a story of Thor leading an Asgardian invasion of Hel, and obviously this movie is going to include similar events, but there seems too much other stuff going on for Skurge’s part to have any decent amount of screen time. I mean, #362 (or whatever) is more-or-less a Skurge comic, with Thor as a supporting character.

It also has more impact when you’ve got 20 years history of Skurge being a loser. That’s a lot to set up in one movie :expressionless:


I think there’s a lot of Simonson in there and also a fair bit of JMS’ run in the first movie (from what I remember of it).

The visuals in the latest one have a very Kirby look in places too.


Thanks. I’ll just skip to the good stuff. :wink:


I’ve always thought so. And for me, Simonson wrote the best Thor ever. I always liked the character, and grew up with Kirby and Roy Thomas, but Simonson put it on another level. He wrote (and drew) Thor like an opera. It was immense. And the Skurge storyline stands as one of the best – maybe the best death and redemption stories ever (not just in comics). It still make me cry when I remember who stood alone at Gjallerbru. I am not even kidding.

(Spoilers for the comic, which may also spoil the movie if you’ve never read the comic.)