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  1. Not kill Captain America when he had the chance


Not send a cease and desist to ScreenRant for creating dumb articles about him.


2. Iron Man 2

  1. Not calling Vision “Jarvis” whenever he gets flippant

  1. His terrible hair dye in S-M: H


Hold on, this is like four #1s already.


Well to be fair we haven’t seen Brolin, or Thanos for that matter,yet outside of the few minutes on GotG.

I do agree they should’ve polished the look a bit more… The over-use of details everywhere in the costumes is kinda making every single costume look like an IM armour or a Tranformers reject.


Marvel Studios do love their comic accuracy!



If you deliberately walk into a movie that’s certified as “contains bloody violence, strong language and sex references”, then I don’t think you’ve got any right to complain when it does have those things.


But you should complain if it doesn’t!



I disliked the first Ant Man film and not sure why we need another but I love me some Goggins.


Because it was one of the best solo films the MCU has produced in ages


I don’t know about that. I’m sure it was cheaper than Dr Strange, but it also made alot less. It’s a weird one to try and continue given their limited number of spots, maybe they have a cracking script. Goggins is amazing though, so this casting is great news.


It had tighter, more balanced, writing than Dr. Strange as well.

So, it all kinda worked out.



Well, it’s a franchise. The first one did well enough, and they have another character they can use in other movies. So a sequel it is.

It may also be a matter of wanting to keep broadening the genre. Ant-Man is their heist/comedy vehicle, just like GotG is their space flick and Spider-Man their high-school movie.

Personally, I liked Ant-Man a lot and am completely fine with sequelisation.



Weird headline… pretty sure he was revealed in the recent trailer, but… heyo!