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Is this a dick joke?



This is what I mean. :slight_smile:


I know. I’m joking. :wink:


It is now!!


I’m putting my ‘Tony Stark is a Skrull’ theory on Reddit in the morning :wink:


He does appear to be wearing blackface though. So I’m afraid Cap is #cancelled. :yum:


I really don’t think the Russo brothers get to tell Marvel marketing what to do. :sweat_smile:


It had a two hour trailer released last week!


Are you sure he’s not a Palpatine clone or something?


No, but Marvel Marketing could be telling the Russos what they’re doing.


My hashtag #Vaderclone is back! Star Wars is saved!! :wink:


I’m getting a flashback to the first trailer of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom guaranteeing that the first trailer only used footage from the first half of the film. Then by the time that we got to the third trailer, we had seen the whole movie.


The Last Jedi already saved Star Wars.




That’s exactly what I did with the memory of that movie :wink:


Blue milk for you Ronnie… The sour kind.


I love that gif almost as much as the Man of Steel gif.


Hmm, Man of Steel - there’s an idea - hold still, this won’t hurt…



Did someone say Man of Steel? Did I ever tell you what I thought of that film? Should we discuss it here or does it have its own thread?