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I thought the Endgame trailer was fine. It tells me the Avengers are sad but are going to team up. Makes sense. Not that it’s a movie that even needs trailers. It had a two hour trailer a year ago that sold me on it.


That’s just the length of the closing credits.


Avengers: Endgame is an anagram of Savage Gender: Men.


Yeah it seems very strange he’s just hanging in the background instead of being a big reveal even in the trailer.



Meanwhile, Thor appears to be the only one who has spotted that beer off to the side…


Honestly, I thought people couldn’t hate Hawkeye any more until I saw that haircut.


Hawkeye enters a barber shop.

Barber: What’ll it be sir? Just a trim?

Hawkeye: My family were killed by a alien. Can you give me something edgy and age inappropriate to express my grief?

Barber: …hold my scissors.


Man they screwed up with Hawkeye. They got a lot of characters perfectly, Iron Man, Cap, Thor…but Hawkeye sucks.

I am not sure if the actor is the problem. Renner was great in one episode of Louie, he’s not a bad actor.


Nah he’s a good actor, they just keep giving him the short end of the stick. He never really had a chance, and I don’t blame Renner. I really hope he gets his chance to shine on this one, way overdue.

I’m also worried about War Machine, since he’s the only one (besides maybe Larson, we’ll see how she meshes up with the rest of them) I consider an actual miscast. I want them to give him his due, but I don’t like Cheadle as WM, so… =/

But I’m most worried about the plot. I really don’t want them to go with time travel. That’s cheap and lazy.


And not in armor. What the fuck is he going to do? Did he get superpowers in outer space? :wink:


I think Infinity War proved that Tony doesn’t have to show his armor to have it on.


Most of the time I don’t like time travel stories. It’s hokey and mostly it doesn’t make sense.

Back 2 the Future is still fine because it is silly. It just plays with the concept without trying to make sense.


As someone who loves time-travel stories, I think it could be a really fun way of doing a lap of honour of the MCU and revisiting those early movies that set up the success of everything else.

I just hope they don’t use it as too much of a crutch to reset/reboot everything. If they’re going to invalidate the past in that way then I hope it only stretches back into the events of Infinity War.


To be fair… Hawkeye usually sucks.


I guess, I haven’t read much of the character. Just Ultimates I think and Mark made him a real badass there.


I just had a thought. Instead of using time travel to reset/reboot, it might be a way for them to collect the Infinity Stones before Thanos got to them. We know they go back to the first avengers movie, which would give them access to both the Loki’s staff and tesseract.


How do we know that?


Shit sorry I was thinking that Marvel had released set photos of it but thinking back it might been spy photos. I added spoiler tags just in case as I cannot remember which it was.


I’m stealing that for my facebook. Sweden needs to know.