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Nah, it looks like the trailers so far have only shown the first 20-30 minutes of a movie that’s over 2 hours long. The beginning is going to have to be somber. You can’t kill half the population and not have it be so. Once they’re in space and time traveling that tone is going to change significantly.

Remember you thought the only way Civil War could end was with Cap or Ironman dead or in jail because of the trailers and we all know how that worked out.


Yeah, Cap was supposed to be in jail but he escaped capture and went into hiding. Close enough. Civil War isn’t exactly an example of a fun time either.

They’ve killed off all the funny characters. Unless everyone returns from the dead in the first 30 mins we’re in for a long ride.


He didn’t escape capture, he went and freed everyone who had been arrested and then sent Stark an apology. That’s not even close to what you thought was going to happen.

Stark is the original fun character and he’s still around. The trailer doesn’t show Cap and him reconciling, which you know is going to happen. Ant man, Thor and Rocket are still around too. Each trailer has ended on a humorous button. It’s pretty obvious that you’re misjudging the tone of the entire film based on 2 minutes of footage from early in the movie.


If it feels fake, then that makes it real melodrama. :slight_smile:


From what I’ve heard Endgame is about three hours. I’m sure it will start off all dire and depressed. Lost half the people, y’know! But then - The Plan. There is one solution. Strange saw it, so proof of concept.

Endgame will finish on a high but bittersweet note. I think the end of this series of Marvel Studios movies will be a counterpoint to the end of Game of Thrones, which I think will be rather dire.


I’ve been negative (and correct) in my dislike for Evans as Cap but I love this shot of him.



Not only that, but Marvel has often done the dark trailer/fun movie switch-up, most notably with Iron Man 3’s trailer making it look like v The Dark Knight.


Yeah, Cabbage and corned beef is entirely an Irish-American thing. Bacon and cabbage was a staple of Irish diets in the 1700s and 1800s, because rural Irish households tended to grow their own veg and raise pigs. In the US, poor Irish migrant families who didn’t raise livestock couldn’t afford bacon and substituted corned beef. Over the last 150 years it became tradition in Irish-American groups and the exact origins faded.


That was Shane Black - no-one expected it to be serious or bleak. This is the Russo brothers who’ve delivered chuckle fests like Winter Soldier, Civil War and Endgame. And with Endgame the laughs came mostly from Spidey and the Guardians, and they’re all dead!

I don’t know how common bacon was. My Dad tells stories of getting bacon on Easter and Christmas, but most of the time it was chicken or rabbit for meat, and spuds every day of course. Oats for breakfast most mornings. And uphill to school both ways barefoot no doubt.


This thread is on fire today. I’m lmao at you guys.

Thor: Granola? Do be careful, David. This is the internet. There are rules. Like #34


Depends on the region, as best I can tell. As a city boy it wasn’t something that really fit into our traditions. My granny on my dad’s side grew up on a farm, so it could have been something there but I don’t know anyone that far removed any more.


Back to that Endgame trailer. This is a snippet from an article over at CBR.

“Whatever they’re doing there, they may not be doing it for very long considering the Russo brothers’ claim that the marketing will only use the first twenty minutes of the film.”

Ehm. Yes. Wow. Great. No. Really. Wonderful. I LOVE IT!


Oh look at that. Exact what I said.


Do you really expect people to listen to you, Rory? Isn’t that asking a bit much?


Tony is in the trailer I think, walking with the group, I just watched it again. Just before he dies. :wink:


It would certainly make things easier.


I expect Endgame to be a laugh riot now. If not I’m blaming Rory.


That should be your default setting with anything.


I didn’t see him walking with the group. I see Rhodey but not him. Why does Cap look oddly CGI there?

Edit: Nevermind. I see him. Hmm. Kinda destroys the suspense they tried to establish earlier in the trailer.


It’s the lipstick.