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My spellcheck corrects it to Ragranok.


Weird. I wonder if you’ve typed it that way for so long that your predictive text just changes it to that.




My phone does not autocorrect Ragnarok.

Mine also spells Cthulhu correctly.


If my ancient burner phone autocorrected anything I’d perform an exorcism.


I also corrects Ronnie to fuckwit. It’s the strangest thing.

(Truth is I thumbed it in wrong one time in the past and it thinks it’s a proper word and I’ve used predictive text on my cell ever since).


Thor: Granola.

Marvel really missed a trick there.



The resemblance is uncanny! :wink:



Miqque just woke up!

Old news Loveland. Old news!


Posted all of four hours ago old news?

Oh, shut up! I was in a bomb cyclone, dammit!


That sounds made up. :wink:

I know it’s real but it sounds made up. :wink:


I don’t like Endgame’s trailer at all. Predictable as hell, fake melodrama.


Isn’t that every trailer :wink:


Why, yes. I do believe I will have a second cup of coffee, thank you.


You need to fix your diet. That sounds explosive.

Not sure that’ll fix your diet.


It isn’t supposed to feel fake…

There’s just something artificial and a bit pompous about it, with the pensive stares and the emotional lines. Please get back to doing awesome stuff and hitting bad guys, that’s what you do best.


I’ve always just assumed you were consciously mis-spelling it to mess with us because, you know… you’re Jim.


Y’know, my thoughts turn to St. Paddy’s Day upcoming, my Irish friend. Now, why do you think all those terrible leprechaun representations feature the wee wanker with a pipe and a celebration of the green? And Patrick his own self, what was he known for? Conversion! He wanted everybody to be just like him for some obscure reason. I am modifying my diet as we speak, and it involves neither cabbages nor corned beef (an odd diet even for a leprechaun). It does involve recovery from said bomb cyclone. Not from the storm, from the epic low pressure that sent my everything-that-doesn’t-work-right all wonky. It is a mighty bleary morning, all around. (And this is the day I was to deal with hospital billing problems. Ah, manana!)


I never ate corned beef and cabbage in Ireland. It’s all a scam by some Irish rogue to sell shitty food at high prices once a year. It’s actually distressing that people are forced to eat that crap every Paddys Day and think this is what Irish people do.

I agree with this - it’s overbearing mournful crap. It looks like a DC movie. I really hope they don’t Winter Soldier this and make it a somber/serious movie, but it looks like that’ll be the case if Cap, Widow and Hawkeye are the featured players for the bulk of the story. Still, Thor and Rocket are there to bring some personality to the table. It’s just going to be ‘harsh my mellow’ Thor and always angry Rocket.