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Rag Anorak.




… … … …

Maybe I have it easy with the norse mythology bullshit, I’m swedish after all.


I really thought that was going to end with Captain Marvel catching Thor’s hammer and holding it up.


The Vision moment was one of my favourites from the films, but they’ve done it already.


I can only imagine the social media shitstorm that would result from something like that.



They should’ve done it.

Or even just hinted that they’re going to.


They still might. The trailer barely showed anything.


Mindless Endgame speculation (spoilered just in case no-one wants ideas put in their heads)

Clearly they’ll go back in time to resolve this. Quantum realm nonsense introduced in Ant Man and Wasp made that tool a possibility, and to be fair it’s how Infinity Gauntlet resolved itself. Clearly they’re all broken somehow, and they’re all saying whatever it takes. So my guess is they go back to before Infinity War and battle Thanos before he gets all the stones. And as they have doubles in that timeline my guess is they all sacrifice themselves along the way. That way none of them have to live with the horror of seeing half the planet die and the Marvel universe can remain a jovial place.

There’s a line that says sometimes the best we can do is to start over. I wonder if that means resetting much of the MCU - Cap goes back in time rather than remaining in 2019 where he’s an outcast and outlaw. Bucky somehow gets fixed from being a super assassin. Tony’s parents are still alive - that kind of thing. Asgard doesn’t get destroyed. The ultimate happy ending. You free up the franchise from having to track what happened in the last 20 movies and allow people to come in fresh for a new generation. And you explain the X Men and FF as a side consequence of changing the timeline.




I’m assuming she throws it behind her like a lightsaber beforehand.


Is it his proper hammer? It doesn’t look like his axe weapon.


No it’s the full axe hammer, he’s leaning on it nonchalantly in the last shot.


Stormbreaker doesn’t require the user to be worthy.


One thing this does show is that Tony is back on Earth. Nebula is part of the Earth Avengers group. I’m assuming the shot in the Superbowl trailer is some of the characters looking up to see Tony in The Benetar arriving back on Earth.


Maybe Tony still dies and Nebula doesn’t because she’s mostly non-organic. :wink:


Still would have been cool.


Aaw. I love Jim writing Ragnarok as much as I love Suicide Squad abbreviated to SQ.


It’s actually what I expected. Maybe they were playing against our expectations.


Jim’s an engineer. That means without spellcheck he can’t spell worth a damn. :wink: