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A What If series is actually a pretty interesting TV idea. They possibilities are endless for something like that and can let them play around with all sorts of ideas.



More image goofiness!




Meaning nowhere at all.


Isnt that sort of the point of limbo? Its not either here nor there.


Electra borrowed a lot from Ninja Scroll and had some good ideas. I think it would’ve been a better movie if it was made in this environment than back then. It might even be ahead of its time. I think Marvel movies and superhero movies are going to start resembling Manga, tokusatsu and Anime more than American comics.


Limbo suggests it’s on hold. It has the potential of returning. It doesn’t. Disney won’t be taking any Fox projects and keeping them going. They’re not making a Dr Doom movie - but the show runner will keep it alive in the gossip columns.


I feel like that’s still wishful thinking. Who can really say, though?


Hawley would be pretty great on a Fantastic Four film, though.


I disagree. If a movie is said to be ‘on hold’ that sounds wildly different from being ‘in limbo’ to me.

But I guess we can disagree to disagree, it’s a nightmare (and unworthy use of time) to try and sort out the semantics on this one. :wink:


I could definitely see them making Dr. Doom films eventually, but they will be the “MCU” version of the character and unconnected to anything Fox developed. They might even let Hawley write or direct one or more, but any such endeavor is still years away.


Hawley on Doom 2099? Yes please.


I’m really not sure Doom will work in a leading role. I assume he’ll be Iron Man mixed with Dr Strange, maybe a characters who takes a bit of every other main character (so some cosmic rays blast too). The main issue is the mask. Without a face to perform it’s much harder to make these characters work on screen. I guess he’ll have an Iron Man display thing, but he really needs to show his face a lot and that doesn’t jibe with his traditional scarred looks. Maybe they end up doing away with that part.


Doom 2099… his face got fixed and all =P


I wouldn’t be surprised if they went with an expressive metal face, something like Colossus in Deadpool, but more sinister.


They went that route with early Ultimate Fantastic Four too.


I could see Doom working as a terrible TV show.

He’ll probably get the Thanos treatment in an FF film though, and not the first one because Disney will be a little smarter than that.


How 'bout an Ellis first film treatment, a banishment, and then a return in the 3rd film, all magic, or maybe even controlling the negative zone?


I guess the obvious way is to have the next Infinity War mega-event movie be Secret Wars (the original one), and build up the FF side and Doom for that.