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Except the toxic fanboys didn’t show up for previous women led movies like Hunger Games. I think their pushback isn’t the woman lead, it’s Disneys cynical use of social injustice to boost box office and how Brie Larson has (in their minds) treated white men like some sort of enemy.


Or maybe it’s that they’re not invested in teen dystopia as a franchise, whereas they have very clear ideas of what Star Wars and Marvel/DC movies should be like. This is their turf, so to speak, and they feel like they have to defend it against the invasion by the feminists.

On a different note, I am going to see this in a few minutes with the kid. Whoo!


Plus there were toxic fans of the hunger games, they were just fans of the books. There was a huge outcry that one of the characters was made to be black in the first film (even though I think the character even was black in the book)


It’s also worth remembering that troll tactics have evolved and changed significantly over the last five years or so.


Didn’t Twilight get a severe online kicking?


Yeah, but Twilight deserved it.


Oh btw, while I defend Elektra as being the first true female led Marvel movie, I don’t consider Catwoman to be the first DC female led SH movie, because Catwoman is only Catwoman in title (she’s not even called Selina Kyle)… other than that it’s got NOTHING to do with Catwoman. Sort of like the british Avengers… :smile:


Besides the first female DC movie is Supergirl.


and best



An interesting tidbit: I went to Destination XL today. It’s a big and tall store, and lo and behold, next to the Batman, Superman, and Captain America t-shirts, there were Captain Marvel t-shirts, and they were heavily depleted. I asked about a Wonder Woman shirt, and the store manager told me that a lot of people have asked, but they couldn’t secure any.

So, I bought Supes and Captain Marvel. It’s a rather slick marketing move on Marvel’s part, or at least they engaged a loot maker who thinks of the fat guys. :slight_smile:


Can confirm. Remember this. The interrogation scene was your favourite (and a perfect superman) moment IIRC.


[sarcasm] Oh, it was because of the FF movie. [/sarcasm]


Random question: Now that Marvel has the FF rights back, what are the odds we’ll see the WWII Human Torch easter egg finally paid off?



I don’t think they were planning anything.

But it’s a cool opportunity.


I can’t unsee this. Now neither can you.

It’s kinda awesome. (be sure to click on it to see the whole image)


Oh, you magnificent bastard!

And where’s Burger King?


Well it’s more accurate than not… :smile:

Also, that chick is hawwwt! She could’ve been BW for real =P



I’m starting to get worried I might not enjoy Endgame that much… my brain’s finally realized that it’s gonna be a lot of characters’ farewell and that it’s probably gonna focus A LOT more on those heroes rather than on Thanos… :smile:


Burger King/Iron Man is probably out tweaking his suit. They could have also done a Subway Hulk.