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Au contraire, I was pretty fuckin happy when I saw him in what I assume is an update of his “farmer” outfit, which is what he’s supposed to wear when he’s not ennacting any plan or trying to conquer something. That gives me hope that they’ll go for the more nuanced & philosophical Thanos of the 80’s & 90’s instead of just the big bad at the end of the road kind of thing.

Anyways, I expect he’ll be mostly in the armor for the movies, or at least for all the action parts, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

They really need to have a memorable villain, so nuance is always good. But who knows, at this point I’m not that hopeful about it because of the inclusion of the Black Order.



Did anyone else see the D23 panel and think Sebastian Stan looked like a young Logan?



I don’t see what’s so crazy about them. I’m not trying to be contrary, it just looks like he’s working out.



Were people talking about it?


I may be exaggerating slightly, but captions like

“joshbrolinInsanity on the brink. Face is morphing into something machine, fierce, hair sliced, arm machined, bulged. Where is Deadpool?!? Looking. Looking. All I got are these two…molding me, prodding, turning me into something hard”

are still quite a bit more intense than the typical celebrity IG post

Well, yeah, Bucky’s on ice in Wakanda. Why wouldn’t people be curious about whether he’d show up?


I just haven’t seen anyone discussing it so it was odd to see something presenting it like everyone was.


I’ve seen a few bits of speculation here and there in articles on the usual suspects lineup of comic booky news, but I think, justifiably, most people are focused on more important parts of the film, for sure.


Ah ok. I took that as him getting into character but I see what you mean.


I do too, and I laughed when I first saw it back in the day, and I was just tryin to make a joke in contrast with Jim’s description of Brolin as not being able to pull off a manic kind of villain, but hey! it’s all good :smile:


This isn’t a slight at Jim at all (and I hope that it won’t be taken that way) but I am always a little wary of judging what an actor can do based on his or her past work.

Take for example Mickey Rourke in Sin City. Nothing in his previous career suggested that he would work in the role, but with the proper lighting and make-up, he was fine.


He was great!


That’s a nice sentiment, though I think it’s perfectly reasonable to form such an opinion. It’s been pretty rare for surprise performances to come out of the woodwork, although it’s becoming more and more common, especially thanks to prestige TV, of which there’s surely no better example than Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad, so it does feel like we’re getting closer to “all bets are off” territory with a lot of actors, if only they can be paired with great scripts and directors.


I have a little experience with auditioning actors. Basically what you’re looking at isn’t necessarily what they have done, but rather what they can do or what kind of spin they put on the material.

Obviously movies are a different kettle of fish, where they are going to look for a “Nicholas Cage” Type or something like that and the marketing of the movie is a concern as well…i.e. having Josh Brolin in the movie as Thanos is probably a bigger draw than Joe Bloggs Mocap actor (unless that Joe Bloggs Mocap actor is Andy Serkis obviously).

But yeah, Bryan Cranston is a great example.


Or Heath Ledger as the Joker. No one saw that coming.


Heath was always an amazing actor. He’d transformed for Brokeback Mountain. Josh Brolin has been the same stone faced hardass for most of his life. Maybe he’s got a Mad Titan performance hidden within and directors patient enough to get it out of him and a studio willing to let him indulge his creativity, but so far Thanos looks like a purple Ronan. There’s no Loki-like spark of something more than a shouty headmaster villain. Even the look isn’t as strong as the classics like Vader or Sauron. This is a villain 15 movies in the making, his introduction is the linchpin for 2 $500 million movies. If he’s boring (as most Marvel villains have been) it’ll be a let down. I’m hoping we get something cool out of the Black Order so I’m pleased to see them added. They should be awesome, but I don’t know anything about their casting.


Aye, even when he was in the teen film phase he showed a lot of capable chops.