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Me either. Who the f is this?

Edit: So I did a reverse Google image search. :wink:


I think I may have said it was the best part of the movie when he did.


Ahhhh. I see what @Jim did there. Cool joke bro, but those girls looked way older than me, that guy would be busy trying to protect my ass from predators, not theirs.


Metal? Eeee, he’s lucky…


Isn’t it well established by now that Hobbits are native to New Zealand?



This is kind of an interesting collaboration.


I’ve got nicer NIN T-shirts.


You know you need it Lorcan…


I’m actually wearing a Pretty Hate Machine T-shirt right now!


Nothing beats their classic old shirts. I used to LOVE that Pretty Hate Machine T-shirt. Sadly, none of my NIN shirts have made it to today. :pensive:


(this shirt may be 20 years old)


Within hours of opening Captain Marvel has more reviews (mostly negative) than Infinity Wat received during its entire run.


Let the neckbeards waste their lives on Rotten Tomatoes. Captain Marvel looks to make over 135 million in its opening weekend, so the best efforts of the worst of fandom will amount to essentially nothing.

Saw the movie last night myself. I didn’t love it, but it was an okay way to spend two hours in a movie theater. But, like Ant-Man, this movie wasn’t really intended for me. It was for all the young girls that stacked my theater. They all appeared to love it. I don’t think that some shit reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are going to bother them too much.


The pros I know who saw it are all posting positive reviews. Not stellar, but positive.

Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and now Captain Marvel. Good for International Women’s Day!
I hope all the kidlets MillarWorlders have spawned are inspired!


Oh is international women’s day why it has a global release today? I missed that memo.



Captains Marvel!


Captain Marvels? :wink:

Great pic BTW!


You know, I get your points and you mentioned some great examples for female-led action movies. Those movies really did break the glass ceiling back then. Linda Hamilton and Sigourney Weaver are total icons, and I loved The Long Kiss Goodnight more than almost any other action movie.

But this was the first female-led superhero movie released by Marvel studios, and Wonder Woman was the first female-led DC movie. That’s a big thing for those franchises, and of course they’re pushing this angle in a PR move, but it’s also just nice to have these big female-led superhero franchises. I don’t really see how the fact that they’re following other movies and shows that were true trailblazers when it comes to female action leads, takes anything away from that - from this being a step that can be celebrated. And while I agree it’d be nice to see those get some recognition in reviews, I’m also not all that bothered when Kafka isn’t mentioned in a David Lynch review or Joy Division isn’t mentioned in an Interpol review. If you know what I mean. It’s cool for us superhero nerds and cinephiles that we know this isn’t actually something all that new, but that also goes for a lot of other stuff that we know more about than the average viewer.

Well, that part is happening because there are sexist fanboys (and just sexists in general, who are not invested at all in superhero movies, like James Woods) who are shouting about this on social media. I do think there is a distortion going on that is typical for social media these days in which a fringe group is getting way too much attention and that that is contra-productive, but the main people to blame for this are still said sexist social media gender fanatics.