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20 seasons and a movie.


I am now off to watch a woman not smiling for two hours. I shall return.


Watching Bobbie and Lance flirting and/or fighting would be great entertainment!


This place is rammed. 4 screens showing it. 12am. This is def hitting a billion.


I’m surprised by how busy my theater is. When I came here for Guardians 2 it was maybe half this.

I hope this doesn’t suck.


I’ve never seen it this busy for a 12am showing except for Force Awakens.



Just how big is the cinema you’re at???


His “multiplex” is actually 4 metal sheds welded together.


I’m guessing … a billion?


Wolverine smiling is pretty much the definitive image of him, no?


This is what I think of when people say definitive Wolverine.


A quick non-spoiler review.

For everyone here, huge chunks of this movie are just going to be perfunctory. However, Fury and some other elements give it a charm enough to carry through as an enjoyable film. After a boring takeoff it glides rather than soars and has some turbulence but the landing is enjoyable and fun and it doesn’t tie itself up too much. It certainly doesn’t crash.

Everyone walking out (which was a LOT of people) were smiling and upbeat, I think this is as good an advertisement for a movie out in six weeks as a movie will ever get.

Another quick thing, some girls, maybe 10-12 years old, were in jammies with blankets across from me and I swear, it looked to me like it was the best moment of their lives watching this. I think that’s really cool.


I would take take the cast of Ragnarok. Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie, Korg, Grandmaster.
as far as I am concerned, the ONLY reason to bring Stark is so he can pay the bill. That egotistic motormouth was be such a buzzkill



I don’t know who this is but I assume the worst.


Good for them, although any 12 year old getting to go to the cinema at midnight is going to think it is the best thing ever. Even if they’re watching the Phantom Menace.


Kids in general loved the Prequel Trilogy. It was just us old farts who had problems with it.


Exactly! It is the children who are wrong…


Children are the future which is why they must all be destroyed.