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Was it not her posted the pic?


Wolverine often looked scarier when he smiled than when he scowled, especially when Byrne drew him.


Nobody says it about any Marvel female characters. Not Black Widow, the women in Black Panther, Gamora, Wasp, Valykrie, Agent Carter, Scarlett Witch or any other Marvel woman. But when someone says Brie Larson looks like someone put a gun to her head and forced her to star in a Marvel movie suddenly sexism must be the only answer. And not that she looks like miserable sullen shit. She should team up with Bucky, Hawkeye, Cap and Ronan. Marvels new superteam, the Depressants.


Sounds like the Netflix shows.


Imagine having to go drinking with Daredevil, Hawkeye and Iron Fist. Should be three of the funnest Marvel characters but instead you’d be climbing out the bathroom window by 9:30.


Personally I think she looks way more attractive when she isn’t smiling.

I don’t really give a shit whether she smiles or not, I only care if her character has the right reactions, facially and proportionately, for the story.


Oh oh oh, new game!

What MCU characters would you go drinking with?

Mine would be Black Widow, Ant Man and Thor.


Thor and Tony are givens.

Coulson would be fun.

If we include TV, Bobbie Morse and Lance Hunter.


Thor, Rocket, Gamora, Quill, Drax, Tony, Banner, Grandmaster, Yondu and Peggy Carter.


Thor, Luke Cage, Rocket, Black Widow, Coulson, Mack, May, Lance Hunter.


That’s going to be a hefty round.


Not @Jim. What a miserable fuck. Never smiles. :wink:


That’s why Stark is invited.


Arrrafh no way two drinks in they’d be flirting or fighting. Never bring just one couple to a session!


Hot Aunt May, clearly.


It’s for the best. When Jim smiles he smiles like a man who just found a new jacket he likes for half price.


Dammit, I keep forgetting May is hot now!


We once had a thread where we could pick a weekend in Vegas with whatever fictional characters we wanted. I think my list was Kirk, Rocket, Quill, Dean Winchester, G’Kar, Gannicus, Ragnar, John Silver, Dave Lister and Apone from Aliens. No women, I have no doubt we’d have no trouble meeting women with that crew and I don’t want anyone there making me feel guilty.


100% want to go drinking and on the pull with Dean Winchester, that would be a top night out for me.


I’ve got to find a way for Millar to create a role he’d be perfect for once he quits Supernatural so I can go to the set and end up drinking with him. Except he’s never going to quit Supernatural by the looks of things.