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Always nice to see new Quesada artwork.


He’s voicing a character in that new Spider-Man cartoon. I don’t know how relevant that is here but thought I’d mention it.


The voice of Dr. Octopus in the new Spider-Man animated series:



Full marks to the guy who posted the you tube video in the comments. :smiling_imp:


This one?


Say goodbye to Bruce folks. That’s a banning!!


Goodbye to Bruce folks. That’s a banning!


Mark Ruffalo confirms he’ll never be in a stand-alone Hulk movie, calls out Universal


I’d be madder if it was Bana.

Hell, I’m miffed Bana will never be a solo movie Hulk again.


So you mean to say you’re a Bruce Banner?


Thanos and his Black Order:



So this is a banner day for Bruce banning?

The hell?


It’s weird they would put this scene in the trailer, it’s one we know is going to happen and are looking forward to seeing the movie for.

I also think it’s dumb for Disney to show footage at a con and not have it online an hour later, but whatever.




Made me laugh


I’m just not sold on the Thanos design changes. The lack of helmet, the wife beater and the thinning out all feel like downgrades. This should be one of the great villains in cinema history - some who should stand aside Vader, Voldemort and Sauron. But this design looks forgettable. Maybe he’ll work on screen, but I’m also dubious about casting John Brolin. Thanos should be kind of crazy, angry at times and gleeful at times. Unhinged. A bit like a purple Ramsey Bolton. Josh Brolin just dies headmaster angry and he’s brilliant at that but it makes Thanos a bit one more.

Nic Cage would have been an amazing Thanos.



Considering his financial problems, he would have probably done it dirt cheap.


I don’t know man. Have you seen the captions to his instagram posts about bulking up as cable? Seems he might be a bit unhinged after all!